The Digital Front Door To Your Church

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Every Sunday, there are people all across the world who visit churches. Some visitors on a Sunday morning want to be anonymous. They are at church to simply “kick the tires,” while others are new to the area or church shopping, hoping to find a place to connect.

Visitors come in all forms and from different walks of life. Someone might be coming in with a friend, coworker, or family member, while someone else may be attending on their own. One visitor might be desperate for someone to speak to them and the other might be sinking in their chair in the back hoping nobody notices them (introverts matter, too). Since there are so many reasons people visit churches, engaging them can be quite the challenge.

In fact, according to a survey done by Church Marketing Sucks in 2015, here are reasons people attend church:

  • Spiritual growth/guidance: 23%
  • Keeps me grounded/inspired: 20%
  • It’s my faith: 15%
  • Fellowship of other members/community: 13%
  • Belief in God/religion: 12%
  • I was brought up that way/family value/tradition: 12%

With all the reasons listed above about why people attend church, there is a similar thread between them: they all deal with spirituality and some sort of connection (whether that be to God, family, or desiring connection with the community). The spirituality piece is addressed in different ways, like worship and teaching. But, the connection piece can also be tackled through different avenues as well.

In many ways, engaging new people is a learning process for any church. Have you tried calling guests out from the stage? Or attaching a guest card to every seat? Or what about creating a guest center? You could say churches have tried and tested it all!

Like everything in the church, if we’re going to make the most of every opportunity it’s important to be intentional.

Over the last few years, churches have really made progress in the arena of guest and visitor engagement. With careful planning and volunteers, engaging with visitors has become a little easier to manage. But what’s really given guest engagement a new look is mobile technology.

People are mobile. That’s a fact. And with a new iPhone here, technology will continue to grow. But what does that have to do with church? Well, everyone has to enter your church through a door. There’s nothing new about that! And while you can place people, print brochures, banners, signage, etc. to make the physical experience at your church inviting, you also have a door to your church digitally. This digital door can be on social media, your website or through text engagement. Chances are, out of these three digital doors, you probably haven’t heard of text engagement. But, leave it to a one stop shop of church branded apps and text engagement experts to fill you in.

How Does Text Engagement Work?

Text engagement is an innovative way to engage with anyone who desires to connect with your church anytime, anywhere. And, the first 60 days are free. What is there to lose?

Make the next steps easy for newcomers and members alike by allowing them to text a keyword to your number. Text “Connect” to receive a connection card. Text “Missions” to partner with missionaries. You define the keywords and responses for your congregation. With unlimited keywords and responses, links to your registration forms, connection cards, and other tools to increase response rates on your key efforts in visitor engagement.

For most churches, it is all about making sure people find a slice of “home” inside their doors. Let’s make sure we give them a reason to come back. We can aim to make sure that every visitor that walks into your church understands that you are there to connect with, meet their needs, and make sure they know that we genuinely care for them and desire to see them develop a genuine, life-giving relationship with Jesus.