Make Trunk-or-Treat a Sweet Success

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Put aware3 to Work

We have ways to keep your mobile tools fresh in every season.

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There is nothing like a good Trunk-or-Treat to bring your community together. Have you considered how your mobile presence can encourage the fall festivities?

Extend an Invite

Trunk-or-Treat is a great opportunity to involve the community outside your church. Encourage your congregants to invite friends, families, and neighbors to host a trunk via your app.

Guide congregants to the Calendar feature and to click Invite. This will take your registration form to a text message or email so other community members can sign up!

Contact Us

Not all Trunk-or-Treat visitors are a part of your church, so they may not have downloaded your app. That doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them! Gather contact information by offering an electronic giveaway.

Simply invite newcomers to text “Giveaway” to your text engagement number, and they can be sent to a contact form and a custom message right to their phone.

Highlight Upcoming Events

Now that you have gotten hundreds of guests pouring through your parking lot, it’s important to give them a reason to come back.

Invite guests to text “app” to your text engagement number to learn about your upcoming events and ministries.


Lastly, let guests know that their visit mattered to you by sending them a follow-up message.

Use outbound text messaging to send all participants a thank-you. Better yet, send them a “Hope to see you soon” with some information about your services.