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Giving Dashboard

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The aware3 Giving Dashboard is a powerful way to gain valuable insight into the giving trends of your church. It gives you a quick and easy view into key areas including:

Total Giving Growth

Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly trends

Credit & Debit vs. ACH

Giving Channel Adoption

Fund Participation

One-time vs. Recurring

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If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

We’ve made measuring easy.

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  1. Giving Totals: Total giving, by channel, for any date range.
  2. Date Range Filter: Dynamically apply a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly filter to understand your results for a specific point in time.
  3. Giving Type: Are your donors giving more via credit/debit or ACH?
  4. Funds: What funds have been the most successful?
  5. Giving Channels: What giving channel do your donors prefer (e.g. web, mobile, text, etc.)?
  6. One-time & Recurring Gifts: What percent of your total giving is recurring? Is your recurring giving increasing?

The Dashboard is now available under Giving → Dashboard in the aware3 Portal to all partners that utilize aware3 Giving. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Have questions? Let us know how we can help at support@aware3.com.