Release Notes: November 2017

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Notable features from this month’s series of releases:

  • churchOn now supports Push Notifications (AMP-2323, 25.10.x).
  • Improved layout support for the iPhone X (AMP-2318, 25.x).
  • Deep Linking in place for all churchOn shortcodes, making it easier than ever to directly navigate to your churchOn listing (AMP-2289, ∞ All Versions).
  • Listing Only aware3 experience now available in churchOn (AMP-2329, 25.12).
  • Planning Center People sync now uses webhooks, for true two-way people syncing (AMP-2229, ∞ All Versions).

Notable bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates:

  • If no events were returned for a particular calendar, the app would crash (AMP-2335, 25.12).
  • When available, results in chuchOn the distance from the user (AMP-2324, 25.11).
  • On some Android devices when the height of the feature grid is set to less-than-100%, the header image would display on top of the background (AMP-2317, 25.10).
  • The Schedule page now shows the number of unique devices instead of an inflated number of device registrations for the total count (AMP-2311, ∞ All Versions).
  • Push notifications now open directly to the Inbox, instead of the home screen (if not targeted to a particular feature – AMP-2271, 25.9).
  • On some iOS devices, feature-targeted Push Notifications were causing a crash (AMP-2267, 24.8).
  • Android Push Notifications interface now more closely mirrors iOS’ (AMP-1927, 25.9).