Announce Events With a Bang

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Put aware3 to Work

We have ways to keep your mobile tools fresh in every season.

Has the “How in the world is it already November?” moment hit you?

As the countdown to the holidays begins, don’t let the panic of event communication set in. Your app’s Calendar feature has you covered.

Refresh Your Calendar Design

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to unlock the Event Listing layout for your Calendar feature! This updated layout allows you to customize colors and images.

Announce Events With a Bang
Announce Events With a Bang
Announce Events With a Bang

Make Your Calendar Pop

Tie in your church branding with a splash of color. Simply go to the App tab in the portal and select your colors under Home Layout.

Get Visual

Include a Header Image for your Calendar that either expresses your church’s brand or highlights a specific upcoming event. Inside the portal, click Details on your Calendar feature to add a graphic.

Click here to see how to get started with these layout options.

Provide Action Steps

Event success often depends on people saying they’ll show up, remembering to show up, and inviting others to show up. Your Calendar feature is ready to make that happen.

Announce Events With a Bang
Announce Events With a Bang
Announce Events With a Bang
Announce Events With a Bang
Announce Events With a Bang

Register or RSVP to Events

Need to know how much hot cider to make? Ask your congregation to register or RSVP for events directly from the Event Listing. Include a registration link to get the details you need and to even accept payments.

Think your congregants may have questions? Include the right contact’s email address in the Event Listing to make sending an email as easy as one click.

Add Events to Personal Calendars

Encourage your congregation to add an Event Listing to their Google and iCal calendars so that they get reminders, directions, and details in the format they manage the rest of their activities.

Invite Friends to Your Events

Help get the word out by including an “Invite” button in your Event Listing. Church members can send the registration link and information to friends and family to make outreach simple.

Check out our article here to see how to get started.

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