Easter And Christmas Guests Are Different

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Have you ever heard the term CEO used in the context of church? While, in a way, a pastor is comparable to a CEO, that’s not the kind of CEO we are talking about. CEO is a term that can also be used to describe a well known and highly sought after audience of church guests: Christmas and Easter Only.

We all know this group of people exist, and it’s not a bad thing to study and understand this audience. With the help of research, the church learns more about the phenomenon of only attending church at Christmas and Easter every year.

According to a study by LifeWay, 61% of Americans typically attend church at Christmas. And it’s encouraging to hear that among the Americans that attend church at Christmas, 77% attend because they want to honor Christ. Of those surveyed, 18% indicate they only go to observe tradition or attend because they want to be with friends/family. The fact that so many people attend at Christmas from a spiritual perspective indicates that their hearts are open to hear the message of hope your church has to offer. This is a big deal. But, it’s actually that 18% of people who attend because of tradition or desire to be with friends/family that’s important here. At Christmas, you are not getting a local audience as much as you are getting a traveling audience, meaning that a portion of your audience will be from out of town.

The Pew Research Center shows us that when the holidays roll around, there’s an increase in searches for a church online, and this is especially true at Easter. While at Christmas time people tend to have a church in mind, Easter guests appear to be people searching for a place to go. They may be familiar with God and the church or the might be searching for something more and are looking to church to provide that.

People that attend church on Christmas and/or on Easter are unique. This group is often grouped together, as the CEO acronym suggests, but these audiences are actually not the same at all.

Easter and Christmas guests are different, and the way they engage with your church is unique. But, there is one tool that is versatile enough to engage both audiences.

If your church has a mobile app, there may be no better time of the year to invite your congregation to the next level in mobile engagement than the holidays.

A mobile app can accomplish your guest engagement goals, no matter if it’s Easter or Christmas time. By offering unique features and making your mobile app accessible and part of your key announcements from the stage during these special events, the app has a high chance of being downloaded.

What An App Can Offer To Christmas Guests

If you can’t get people back to your church campus after Christmas because of geographical restrictions, take church to them! Whether they are across town or across the country, people can view—and even participate in from afar—your worship services through your app. The best part is that if you stream and archive morning services through your app, members can also benefit by tuning in to a service they missed.

Being missional is what Christians are called to do. Whether it’s making a difference in your community or around the world, that’s a cause people can easily get behind. Utilize the campaigns feature to tell the stories of the initiatives or mission projects your church is working toward. People gravitate to stories and desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. Your app can give a long distance guest the opportunity to stay engaged with how they can make a difference.

In days gone by, if someone didn’t regularly attend your worship service, they likely didn’t have an opportunity to give. Giving to the church is about more than simply funding the church’s budget. Helping people give to what God is doing in the world is a key part of making disciples. Since most of society is experienced at paying bills and making purchases through their mobile devices, giving to a church on an app won’t be as big of a step as you might think. If a guest is willing to connect to a church digitally, they can easily be part of your church financially as well.

Don’t miss the time to push mobile engagement. Mobile engagement is the solution that covers all guest audiences, no matter if it’s Christmas or Easter. While one medium accomplishes multiple goals, always remember who your audience is when you are crafting your message. Don’t assume all guests are the same, because not all people are the same. Remember that while an app is a great resource, it’s ultimately people’s hearts we after to make disciples for Christ this holiday season.