Free Generosity Resources For Your Church

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The year-end season of giving is officially in full swing! When people give a portion of their income or give above their normal tithe at the end of the year, an impact is made through your church, in your local community, and around the world. And that’s why people give, they want to make a difference. Your church is a trustworthy and genuine organization who shares those same faith based goals and has a platform to be a light in the world.

People give all kinds of different ways—and research shows that 60% of people are willing to give to their church digitally. With the many ways for your congregation to give nowadays, it’s up to you to give provide people with their options and let them choose which one they are most comfortable utilizing. 

Most Common Ways To Give:

  • Envelope – Giving in person with a check or with your check in an envelope.
  • Online – Going to your church’s secure online giving portal through your website.
  • Mobile – Giving directly through a church app or texting “church keyword” (give, generosity, etc.) to a specified number.

As the rush of year-end giving sets in, we’ve made communicating ways to give easier than ever. A free slide deck for your church can be downloaded below to promote giving this season. Download the slides and enjoy!