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Our Newest Integration Partner:

Planning Center Online



People move, they change phone numbers, but they don’t always call the church office to let you know.

When a church member updates their information inside your church app, it automatically updates Planning Center People  for you…and visa versa!

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Invite church members to sign up for an event while you are talking about it (not later when there’s a computer handy!). Planning Center Registrations  live inside your church app, ready to help events go viral.
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Make it simple for church members to view, register, or share upcoming churchevents from your church app. You don’t have to work harder — Planning Center Calendar Feeds  will do the work for you!
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Whether a weekly tithe, a special campaign donation, or a quick text gift, your church members can support your church anytime. And when church members give, the transaction automatically writes to Planning Center People  and Giving .

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Are you currently running Planning Center and ready to get started? Drop us a note at support@aware3.com with any questions.