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Use Info Pages to Streamline Announcements

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Last summer we introduced Info Pages. If you haven’t yet begun using this, we’d like to share a few best practice concepts. As we discussed in our eBook, 6 Tech Secrets Every Church Communicator Needs to Know, “The average US adult receives about 70 email messages per day.” So, if  your church newsletter has morphed into a multi-page instruction manual, then consider something more relevant and concise. Try using an Info Page as a weekly forum for the top 3-5 announcements with links to your website for more details for those who need it.

[Pro Tip] Want to make it really pop? Try embedding a video for your weekly announcements – nothing fancy, just a quick recording from your smartphone and you’re off to the races.

Churches are always looking to improve how they serve families. Perhaps no one is more overwhelmed with the demands of today’s fast-paced world than new parents. Why not use an Info Page to create a New Parents Resource corner? Whether you provide a list of teens who can help with babysitting, devotionals for new or expecting moms, or even small groups that connect families struggling with the toddler years, an Info Page can show how much your church has to offer this group of members. However you decide to use an Info Page, remember, it doesn’t have to remain stagnant. Build a page and then (icon) toggle it off for a season and promote a new page you’ve built. Think through the church calendar and use your Info Page as a means of highlighting the engagement opportunities with each new month.

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