Release Notes: January 2018

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Notable features from this month’s series of releases:

  • Location Info has a new, modern, streamlined look and feel (AMP-2414, 26.4).

Notable bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates:

  • Admin-initiated, emailed receipt duplicates were failing to send. Wires are connected again (AMP-2451, ∞ All Versions).
  • Android was overly-needy in asking for Push Notification registration (AMP-2448, 26.4).
  • Several crashes were reported for churchOn inside Android; they’re now resolved (AMP-2441, 26.3).
  • Aware3-powered form response views now increase the read-only text input field sizes so that the full response can be viewed (AMP-2334, ∞ All Versions).
  • YouVersion links now respect the “open internally” (or not) option set in the admin portal (AMP-2452, ∞ All Versions).
  • Planning Center fund name now pulls in dynamically on the Transactions view in-portal (AMP-2434, ∞ All Versions).
  • In churchOn, title is now weighted more heavily in the results with regards to location (AMP-2431, ∞ All Versions).