This Is The Year: Take Action To Engage In 2018

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Are you making a resolution for 2018? Warning: according to U.S. News, 80% of resolutions fail by February. But this year, that doesn’t have to be you. Before you focus on new work habits, increasing productivity, an exercise regimen, or spending more time with your kids, try focusing on training your brain first. It’s hard to transition from an ingrained pattern of behavior for 365 days (or longer) and then expect everything to change on January 1. Goals don’t magically happen, especially in just one day (which is logically known to a lot of us, but is sometimes lost in execution). It is wise to train your brain to set work smarter and not harder, and to set smaller, attainable resolutions. If you can do this, you will give yourself the best shot at success. Set a goal that’s easily doable, but meaningful too.

When the proper expectations are set mentally, you are more likely to keep a gung-ho, go get ‘em attitude until your resolutions are accomplished. This can be the year your church goes for big goals, but first, set your mental expectations and create a plan to figure out how to get there.

Resolutions are made because we want to bring about a positive change to our circumstances. We want to improve ourselves and our quality of life for us and those around us. But what would a strong set of New Year’s resolutions look like for you and your church, your role as a leader, or simply as someone who wants to live a life of strategic Kingdom investment?

A resolution is more than identifying a problem behavior and brainstorming a list of goals to solve that problem. Resolutions have the power to invest your church’s character and create a vision for your future. Not every church is the same, so everyone’s goals are different on a micro level. But, there is one word that can apply across the board as a catalyst for a changed direction and turning of a new leaf in 2018: engagement.

Setting a resolution for engagement can take many forms, which is where setting your mental expectations and creating an achievable plan are key. Engagement can apply to both internal and external audiences of a church. Creating engagement with the community, having an engaged congregation, growing engagement in ministries, or finding more engagement in the teaching and God’s word; engagement is action. Once a set of actions are taken, they lead to more goals that are waiting to be accomplished.

The reality is, we are living in 2018, an environment that becomes increasingly more digital with every passing day. Engagement isn’t something that only happens face to face in a single interaction. People’s lifestyles are heavily digital these days, so why not meet them where they are and create engagement through a mobile device.

Digital Engagement Can Lead To Accomplished Resolutions

Continue to change and to reframe the conversation about digital engagement through tools that will capture your audience this year. People are drawn to things that allow them to be apart of something bigger than themselves, and by connecting digitally they are able to be engaged in with church beyond Sunday morning.

Text Messages have a 99% open rate, which is why we have seen that Text Engagement is the fastest way to engage your audience, whether they are part of your congregation or part of the larger community. How about giving visitors a simple way of getting a link to a connection form? Or what about signing people up for your weekly devotional? Or even giving people the opportunity to connect with a pastor via text message or give financially. This communication channel also allows you to engage by communicating time-sensitive reminders, volunteer opportunities, and more to your congregation. Outbound texting helps you get the right message, to the right person, in the right way. It’s that easy. Communicate time-sensitive reminders, volunteer opportunities, and more to your congregation. Outbound texting helps you get the right message, all on a mobile device.

So start small—so small that you can’t help but succeed to engage. If are are able to make the conversations and meetings start about what a digitally engaged church would look like, that’s a win. If you are able to move forward and schedule a demo of the 60 day free trial of Text Engagement, you are one step closed to your resolution goals.