Put aware3 to Work: Attendance is about Names, not just Numbers

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Put aware3 to work.

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Attendance is about people not numbers.

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One of the most common challenges churches face is getting an idea of who is actually attending their services, and who may be slipping away. Once a weekend service grows, tracking attendance by names and faces, rather than just a headcount, can prove difficult.

Our attendance feature allows you to include some very useful information.

Date/Time Stamp: The attendance feature is organized in a report that provides when individuals click “check-in”. This allows you to know not only who is there, but also gain a perspective for which service they are attending!

Geo Fence: Last summer we made some enhancements that allow you to customize the layout of the attendance feature. Combine this with our Geo-Fence Push Notifications, and you’ll be able to capture real-time attendance!

Notes: By giving your members a place to add context to their attendance, you can begin to dive even deeper into their experience. Use the notes field to capture Prayer Requests, event feedback, or words of encouragement to the pastors.

Photos: Photos can be used to socially share people’s experiences at the church potluck, or even from worship gatherings. Reusing them on social media and websites allows potential visitors to gain a much richer perspective about what joining a Sunday service might actually be like.