Put aware3 to Work: Creating Safe Online Environments for Youth

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The power of Chat.

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Teenagers. Just the mention of the word is enough to cause panic in even the most patient of parents. The teen years are a time when our children’s brains are developing at rapid rates and their identities are becoming not just an extension of their family, but something of their own choosing. The challenge is that in all this exploration, these not-yet-adults don’t always make the wisest of choices.

So what role can the church play in coming alongside parents of teenagers? One simple solution is to create safe chat messaging that is exclusively for the Youth Group. In your aware3 church App, you have the ability to offer group chat that gives the teens in your church a place to connect, without the fear of unwanted users joining.


By marking messaging private it is no longer open for anyone to join, making it a protected online community. As new kids join the Youth Group, an Administrator can add their profile to the channel, allowing them access so they can connect socially with their new friends through the church’s app. Developing a safe place for teens to explore their questions can be an important part of their journey to adulthood. The complex issues facing this generation can create a struggle, but having the ability to chat in real-time can be a life-line as they figure things out.

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