Provide The Best Experience For Your Volunteers This Easter

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Key events during the year often call for more Sunday morning volunteers than usual. The hope is that the volume of churchgoers is higher than what is expected for just a typical Sunday. Easter, Christmas, Sundays with a missions emphasis, etc. are all types of services that call for a coordinated effort between a church staff and volunteers to make the best experience and environment possible for someone to learn more about God’s greater message.

Inviting and encouraging people to volunteer for the Easter season is well underway in many churches. As Easter gets closer, your team has put in a great deal of effort to carefully select and contact the best volunteers for each role. Sundays like Easter, for example, are also great times of the year for someone new to start serving for the first time. Positions are open, the needs are clear, and often the environment of excitement and celebration makes it easier to start something new.

It’s not a secret that people have an innate human desire to help. They genuinely, truly, and sincerely want to pitch in and be a part of something greater than themselves. From kids and preschool workers to the tech team and greeters, there’s a place for everyone. So, even though engaging with and identifying potential new volunteers can be challenging, it’s not the most intensive part of volunteer management. With a large pool of volunteers for Easter now available for future serving opportunities, it becomes more about retaining volunteers beyond the seasons of celebration. Sometimes we expect that people will seek us out and ask to serve again, but that isn’t always the case.When your volunteers show up on Easter morning, you want them to have a great experience so they will see the opportunity to serve again as a joy and not a burden.

At every step of a volunteer’s journey, people need to know they are cared for by your team and that they are making a difference. The good news is that people are the one resource every church has more than anything else–so your seats are filled with resources that will help spread the word about their positive volunteer experiences. But, how do we ensure that each volunteer has an exceptional serving experience? Start with something simple: transparent communication. Volunteers need to feel confident and empowered that they own what they are doing and the position they have taken on. They only way they can confidently do their job is if you tell them what to expect and how to succeed.

Chat With Your Volunteers All In One App

Time is precious for everyone, so asking volunteers to attend a meeting or training with such little time before Easter is unlikely to fit into their schedules. After gathering your volunteers, the easiest medium to communicate with them through is a through a medium they are already using: a smartphone app. An aware3 church app has group chat capabilities right in the app that allow you to communicate with all your volunteers in one place. Create a group for greeters, kids ministries, or the worship team. Then, all you need to do is send them all a message to these groups with all the details, instructions, and introductions needed to ensure everyone feels confident about what to do on Sunday.

Two-way communication among specific groups helps in making planning a breeze. Conversations as simple as what snacks everyone likes so you can have them on hand at a volunteer center, to reminders about what time to show up that morning. This will help with increasing volunteer retention, participation, and overall interest in serving.

Once Sunday is over, you can send a message thanking everyone for their hard work and let them know they are all appreciated.

Every volunteer is different, which is no surprise, since God created us uniquely in His image. He gave special gifts and strengths that can be used to serve others as well as the church. With this in mind, let’s make the serving experience something that people feel like they’re missing out on if they don’t do it. Let’s clearly communicate with our volunteers this Easter season; let them know they are appreciated. You just might find that the spiritual health of your church community will reap the benefits of your efforts.