Put aware3 to Work: Video is for more than just Sermons

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Put aware3 to work.

We have ways to keep your mobile tools fresh in every season.

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There’s no doubt that 2017 was the year of video. It was estimated that 74% of all online traffic was video last year. That’s why we made massive enhancements to our Custom Video portal. Our in-app video experience syncs directly with your YouTube or Vimeo account, but allows for a stylish experience, making it easier for your members to find the content they’re seeking. Here are just a few of our favorites. .

The top use of video by churches is sharing their sermon series. It makes perfect sense too, allowing people who missed a key message to go back and catch up. Video archives can also help you reach new people who may be unable to attend a physical gathering, or even people who loved being a part of your community in the past, but whose life circumstances required them to relocate. While this may be the most popular use of video, it’s not the only option.

Here are our top 5 favorite additional video uses:

1. Announcements. People only retain 10% of what they hear, so why not make those important announcements handy for easy recall?

2. Volunteer Training Want to make sure children’s volunteers all get the same basic security training? Or have a specific list for Ushers to learn? Share the information in a video and they’ll be able to review it on demand.

3. Bible Study / Small Groups A picture is worth 1000 words. Share key discussion questions, or even inspiration and gratitude for leaders through a dedicated video channel just for them.

4. Worship experience Did you miss worship service, or want to re-live your Sunday experience mid-week? Why not provide a way for people to get inspired whenever they need a pick-me-up by having a channel just for recordings from Sunday worship.

5. Welcome / What to Expect. Ever thought that new parents would be put to ease if they could just see how incredible your Children’s ministry is? Show them with video. .