Put aware3 to Work: Magical Info Pages

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Put aware3 to work.

We have ways to keep your mobile tools fresh in every season.

Our Favorite examples of Info Pages.

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Whenever we talk to our church partners, it’s exciting to see their creative uses for features we release. What may have started as an Info Page gets the creative spin of Church staffers – and presto – it’s a Bulletin, Pastor’s Corner, I’m New and so much more. It’s basically magic!

Here’s a few real churches to help inspire your own magic.

1. I’m New Here – Living Stones Church.

Rather than making the same announcement each week, this church is able to share information with the people seeking it! Notice how they set expectations to help set newcomers at ease?


2. Student Ministry – Trinity Lutheran, Enumclaw.

Remember when your high school student told you everything important in their life? Me neither. Parents and students alike can get the 4-1-1 right from their mobile device.


3. News & Announcements – STSA Coptic Orthodox Church.

Check this one out – an important upcoming event – with all the relevant registration links, dates, etc – and it didn’t go into a spam folder like email can.


4. Meet the Staff – The Ransom Church.

Help people get to know and connect with your church staff. Because they included it on their church app it makes sending a quick email, text or phone call super easy.


5. Pastor’s Corner – Baltimore Faith.

Many pastors have blogs, devotionals, or sermon deeper-dives. Creating a dedicated section for these discussions can help your  pastor extend God’s message to even more people.


Got your own story to share? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us the creative uses you have for any of the aware3 features. An upcoming post can feature your idea to inspire and serve churches all across the globe.

Share your Story.