Campaigns: Beyond the Weekly Offering

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Campaigns: Beyond the Weekly Offering.

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Did you hear about the kid that raised $400k so he could buy himself a pet monkey? (Ok, we made that one up, but you know stuff like that exists). Perhaps you’ve thought, “My church is doing this really cool thing to help ___, and if people just knew about it, they’d give!” Perhaps your friends had a hard time “getting it” when you tried to explain the cause. Maybe no one wanted to drive to your church’s lobby to see the paper thermometer stuck to the wall showing the progress. Whatever the reason your fundraising efforts have been thwarted, don’t let lack of sharing about your campaign be one of them.

As organizations that bring together a lot of people to do good in the world, sometimes churches need to raise funds for special projects beyond the weekly tithe and offering. Whether helping a single parent, investing in the local community, or building an addition to reach more people, your aware3 giving solution can really bring these projects to life.

Campaigns allow churches to go beyond asking people to mark the memo line of their check – they provide a visual and social enhancement that powers generosity.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. First, give your project a title to describe your objective. Clarity and brevity are key here. Be direct, since campaigns tend to draw support from outside the walls of your church from people who may not be familiar with the unique names of your ministries.

Add an image, description, and donation goal. Adding context takes a campaign well beyond generic giving and allows people to connect with the heart of your mission. Show them exactly how their support can make an impact!

5 real world examples of church partners using campaigns

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Get sharing. Campaigns don’t only live within the context of your church app – you can embed them on your church’s website, Facebook page, and across the digital world! As more people see how easy it is to share your vision, watch the progress bar fill up.

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