Customize Your Church App to Standout

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Put aware3 to work.

We have ways to keep your mobile tools fresh in every season.

Customize the Design of your Church App.

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The best part of having a custom church app is, well, customizing it. The ability to update your app’s content, layout, features enabled and design allow you to determine what to offer your congregation. The challenge, of course, is that many churches simply set it and forget it.

This week we take a look at a few resources for keeping the design and feel of your app looking fresh.

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If it’s been a while since you “dusted off” the in-app experience for your church’s content, let this be a timely reminder. A good place to start is rearranging the layout. Place features you want to highlight towards the top. Just as your church has new highlights each week, your app should reflect that. You can draw people’s attention to a specific event registration form, volunteer need, or even display the interactive sermon notes for the week.

So, you’re not a professional designer, but want your app feature images or mosaic tiles to look professional? We’ve got your back. First, grab some unique images. No need to worry about the license, the generous community at Unsplash offers this library totally free. Next, edit that flashy new image by resizing it, or add text make it clear what your new feature image represents. One great resource for free image editing is Befunky – check it out and get to customizing your church’s app today!

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[Pro Tip] Use your aware3 portal to review dashboard stats of your church’s most popular features. This will give you insight into what your people want, so you can make sure those areas are always up-to-date, and easier to access. You can move less popular features to the bottom, or simply remove them completely.

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Every church is different, what works well for one congregation may not be what provides the best experience for the next. Putting these tips into practice will allow you to customize the experience within your church app to help more people get connected.

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