Release Notes: April 2018

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Notable features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • Interactive Note totals on the home dashboard will now show results across all Notes features, not just the first one (AMP-2671, ∞ All Versions)
  • PCO Giving now integrates gracefully with Aware3 Campaigns (AMP-2651, ∞ All Versions)
  • If enabled, the “add fund” option in Aware3 Fund management will be correctly disabled (AMP-2650, ∞ All Versions)
  • We increased the flexibility of where podcast files (audio files) can be stored on custom websites (AMP-2624, iOS, 26.13.0)
  • After adding a profile in-app, it’s displayed immediately (AMP-2605, 26.13.0)
  • UMCgo header images are displayed correctly where appropriate (AMP-2662, 26.14.x)
  • Street address was present, but not displayed in some situations in the Profile view in-app (AMP-2695, 26.14.0)
  • Some Google Maps links and views were working incorrectly on Event detail pages, causing a crash (AMP-2682 / AMP-2723, Android, 27.0.0)
  • Administrators can now add and remove Directory access for members (AMP-2569, ∞ All Versions)
  • Administrators can self-subscribe to new member creation notifications (AMP-2425, ∞ All Versions)
  • After verifying a profile in the app, several features are unlocked for use automatically (AMP-2687, 27.1.0)
  • Depending on the user’s connection, features might jump back to the home screen or crash after re-launch of an app (AMP-2732 / AMP-2731, 27.2.0)
  • Form payments were attempting to cross-post to Church Community Builder incorrectly (AMP-2740, ∞ All Versions)