Release Notes: May 2018

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Notable features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • Member Directory is now generally available (AMP-2749, ∞ All Versions)
  • When editing a Chat feature in the portal, the admin is correctly pointed to the Chat section (AMP-2748, ∞ All Versions)
  • UMCGo+ is now generally available (AMP-2744, 27.2.x)
  • Added the ability to use an “Aware3 Forms” feature in-app that automatically displays all active Aware3-powered forms (AMP-2743, ∞ All Versions)
  • Giving Pledges are now generally available (AMP-2559, ∞ All Versions)
  • The Pledge Link Builder is now generally available (AMP-2803, ∞ All Versions)
  • Administrators can now add 3rd-party giving solutions in-app any time (AMP-2736, ∞ All Versions)
  • Tile images weren’t saving properly in the portal for some features (AMP-
  • UMCGo and UMCGo+ administrators now see a custom-tailored app editor in the portal (AMP-2670, ∞ All Versions)
  • Adding features in the portal was temporarily unavailable (AMP-2776, ∞ All Versions)
  • Expiration dates on forms were sometimes not reflecting errors noting why they were invalid – they are now (AMP-2275, ∞ All Versions)
  • Touch ID and Face ID improvements eliminate several situations where a member can’t utilize the feature (AMP-2279, 27.3.0)
  • Wide or Square tile image preferences weren’t saving in the portal (AMP-2775, ∞ All Versions)
  • Profile images were saving, but not displaying for some users in-app (AMP-2791, 27.3.1)
  • Planning Center cross-posted gifts will now verify that a Person exists in PCO in the case that the record had been deleted (AMP-2470, ∞ All Versions)
  • Quickly exiting and re-opening the app after adding a profile was causing a crash (AMP-2835, 27.5.0)
  • UMCGo, UMCGo+ and churchOn all now can display Capital Campaigns in-app automatically (AMP-2824, ∞ All Versions)
  • Pull-to-refresh in-app now refreshes the feature list properly (AMP-2781, iOS, 27.5.0)
  • Chat messages in-app are no longer restricted by length when displaying, and have an appropriate-length cutoff when composing (AMP-2612, 27.5.0)
  • In some cases, non-standard characters in donor names were causing a processing error (AMP-2802, ∞ All Versions)
  • Giving frequency choices (e.g., “Weekly”) were not observing settings for some clients (AMP-2688, ∞ All Versions)
  • Church Community Builder cross-posted gifts now include a “payment source” (AMP-2853, ∞ All Versions)
  • Member Directory profile images were “squished” in some cases when being displayed (AMP-2846, ∞ All Versions)
  • Member Directory listing now sorts by last name, alphabetically (AMP-2874, ∞ All Versions)
  • UMCGo, UMCGo+, churchOn and schoolOn all now pre-fill Aware3-powered forms when a profile exists in-app (AMP-2854, ∞ All Versions)
  • Planning Center fund order is available to show funds in the same order in-app (AMP-2777, ∞ All Versions)