Release Notes: June 2018

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Notable features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • Interactive Notes now saves multi-line responses correctly the next time the user views them (AMP-2841, ∞ All Versions)
  • Push notifications length limit now accounts for “unusual” characters more accurately (AMP-2894, ∞ All Versions)
  • Admins can now see how many devices were reached for every push sent through the system (AMP-2899, ∞ All Versions)
  • Download statistics weren’t syncing properly with Apple and Google (AMP-2891, ∞ All Versions)
  • Custom Pledge setups now generate a special short link for use with the customized Pledge page options (AMP-2849, ∞ All Versions)
  • Giving Campaign totals are more accurately displayed in the admin interface, now including manual adjustments (AMP-2973, ∞ All Versions)
  • Transactions can now be filtered by “all recurring” (AMP-2896, ∞ All Versions)
  • Calendars were sometimes showing 8-day weeks on iOS; they’re back to a normal week now (AMP-3005, 27.10.0)