Release Notes: August 2018

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Notable features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • Custom Fields are now available for People Profiles, letting admins set dates, free-form text and yes/no items with any name (AMP-3001, ∞ All Versions)
  • Profiles now show an active Activity feed, showing many different types of people activity (forms, gifts, app activity and more) – (AMP-3004, ∞ All Versions)
  • Church Community Builder cross-post information streamlined and improved in speed (AMP-3041, ∞ All Versions)
  • People profiles are now filterable by Member Directory status (in-directory, not-in-directory, and directory-access-requested) – (AMP-3049, ∞ All Versions)
  • Aware3 moved offices! Our new legal address is reflected where appropriate (AMP-2907, ∞ All Versions)
  • Settlement dates were not reflected for certain types of payments – they are now (AMP-3081, ∞ All Versions)
  • In some scenarios, Android push message permissions were requested too often (AMP-2964, 28.2)
  • When adding tags to a profile, they’re now sorted alphabetically for ease-of-display (AMP-3085, ∞ All Versions)
  • Several header images were not displayed correctly in-app (AMP-3111, 28.2)
  • Adding a photo in-app was causing a crash in some scenarios (AMP-3114, 28.2)