Use the best tactic to skyrocket your giving

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Our guide for choosing the right tactic for giving

Money is important to the church, but we know it can be tricky to talk about. The livelihood of the church is powered by its members–whether it’s time or money. We’ve learned that money doesn’t have to be a scary topic when you provide accessible ways for people to help fund their church.

Everyone gives in a different way. Some people are inspired by a cause-driven campaign for the missionary visiting on Sunday. Others would prefer to help the church financially with big, yearly gifts. Then there are others who just want giving to the church to be quick and easy.

Gone are the days of physical fundraising. You no longer need checks, worrying about the security of paper envelopes, and sifting through mountains of paperwork. We make giving accessible for everyone – including the admin who manages it.

Today, we’re going to break down the various tactics you can use to inspire different types of givers in your community and how to market to them more effectively.

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Crowd-funding Campaigns

Let’s start with crowd-funding campaigns. With the ability to add a visual header and progress bar and story behind the cause, campaigns create a more personal appeal. They pull at the heartstrings of people who are inspired by compelling stories and want to contribute in the moment. Where not everyone has $10,000 to tithe to the church, most people can contribute a few dollars–especially for hurricane relief or a family in need. People feel like they can be a small, meaningful part of something bigger.

The great thing about campaigns with aware3 is that they can be shared across platforms. In your mobile app, users have the ability to scroll through multiple campaigns and connect with one that’s meaningful to them. They can be leveraged further through text-to-act by inviting people to text ‘campaign’ to your dedicated text number and responding with the campaign link. Campaigns can also be shared through a web link, so you can link to them on your website or social media.

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For higher dollar donors who may be looking for a more serious financial commitment, pledges provide a way to capture larger donations. These are great for both the donor and the church. For the donor, pledges are quick and simple to set up. Churches can set up and send unique pledge links to specific donors that encourage them to pledge a certain amount. Not only is this more secure than using paper envelopes, but it also formalizes the donor’s commitment.

Consider sending a specific pledge link through a personal email, or even a postcard invitation for those who may appreciate the personal touch of receiving something physical in the mail. Schedule an annual pledge drive and invite people to plan their donations and then give digitally.

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Recurring Giving

For more modest tithing, recurring giving is a great option for any donor who wants to leave their checkbook at home. Regular, lower amounts given by lots of people are foundational to the church’s budget. Make it easy for church members to give any amount and set-it-and-forget-it.

Put your AV equipment to work, and have a slide during offering that gives people step-by-step instructions for setting up recurring giving. Emphasize how easy it is, and how it’s one less thing they’ll have to remember on Sunday morning. It’s a small action that can make a big impact.

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These tactics are a great way to make an impact on your giving strategy. Let no dollar go un-given. Have questions about aware3 giving, or want help using the right tactic? Send us a note at! For more information about our all-in-one giving solution, check out