Release Notes: February 12, 2019

Notable features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • Splash Screen size 2224×1668 was not saving on the Setup page. (AMP-4084)
  • New Splash Screen sizes were added to Setup page to accommodate new iOS aspect ratios. (AMP-3837; 30.4.0)
  • Birthday in the Profile in the church management hub was displaying one day after birthday in the in-app Member Directory. (AMP-3889)
  • Campuses were not displaying in the church management hub for some customers running Planning Center Online. (AMP-3205)
  • Deleting an aware3 calendar event was removing it from the church management hub, but not removing it in-app. (AMP-3991)
  • ‘Capital Campaign’ was removed from the bottom of the Pledge interface. (AMP-4030)
  • Calendar feature was causing some apps to crash in churchOn on some Android devices. (AMP-4003; 30.4.0)
  • YouTube Playlists were not being saved in the correct order in the church management hub, making it difficult to manage them. (AMP-3787)
  • Video content can now be managed by pasting the full URL into the video manager in the church management hub; isolating a single, specific piece of the URL is no longer required. (AMP-3787)
  • Pulling a full transactions export was causing a timeout for customers with an extremely large number of transactions; pulling a full transactions export now emails the admin a copy of the export. (AMP-3798)
  • Extra space in Locations feature format for customers in isolated cases was preventing Apple/Google Maps app link from working in-app. (AMP-3859, 30.4.0)

Releases at Aware3 occur frequently in order to quickly add new features and address issues. Release Notes highlight notable new features, enhancements and issue resolutions.

This list is fluid and will be updated throughout the month as releases are produced.

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