Release Notes: May 6, 2019

Notable features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • ACH payment now accepted on aware3 forms (AMP-3879)
  • Clicking on Touch ID on iOS was causing an error (AMP-3343; requires version 29.9.0)
  • Aware3 event times were moving an hour later after daylights savings time (AMP-4222)
  • Calendar cache refresh button was not displaying calendar changes (AMP-4601)
  • Enhancements to zip code field input on aware3 form payments (AMP-4646)

Releases at Aware3 occur frequently in order to quickly add new features and address issues. Release Notes highlight notable new features, enhancements and issue resolutions.

This list is fluid and will be updated throughout the month as releases are produced.

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