The beginners guide to church apps.

In 2018, US adults spent an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on their mobile devices (emarketer). Apps account for over 90% of internet time spent on smartphones. We also know that the average smartphone user checks their device a whopping 63 times a day. Why are we telling you all this? Because these stats represent a huge opportunity for your church. You have the potential to reach and engage with your members for an additional hour or two or even three… 




With an app, you have a direct portal to your members 24/7. Now, some people may say, “you can do that with social media. You don’t need an app for that.” We’re all for social media but it works best in tandem with, not as a replacement for, an app. Social media simply doesn’t serve the same purpose or offer the same impactful features that a custom, branded app does. Plus, social media comes with a lot of noise. You’re competing with literally thousands of other people and brands for your members’ attention. Not to mention, social media algorithms can easily weed your content out of member feeds without your knowledge.

If you want a digital space that’s all yours (in more ways than one), you need the right app–one without barriers and cumbersome steps. For example, container and feature apps are popular app options, but many churches find the unbranded and disjointed nature of these apps to be impersonal, frustrating, and time consuming. In contrast, our custom app puts all your features, tools, and communications into one branded, accessible place, free from distractions and obstacles. 

Let’s talk specifics.  

Our app is rooted in 3 main areas: engagement, communication, and generosity. Here’s why they are crucial and how they can transform your church:

1. Engagement

We see engagement like this: Engagement happens when members of your church are committed, emotionally invested, and actively participating in your church’s greater mission.

This is our number one focus because engagement is the catalyst for so many desired outcomes like connection, loyalty, generosity, and more. We created the following features to fuel each of those defining components: commitment, emotional investment, and participation. 


  • Live Polling & Interactive Sermon Notes
  • Check-ins & Registrations 
  • Text-to-Act 
  • Podcasts 
  • Blogs 
  • Video 
  • Bulletin, Newsletter & Information

How they can transform your church: 

These features are impactful because they consistently create opportunities for active participation and emotional connectedness. They make it easy for your members to speak up, get involved, and experience your church’s heart and culture on a daily basis.

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2. Communication 

“I didn’t know we were supposed to be here at 3:00.” 

“I would tell her, but I don’t have her number.” 

“I wish we had more people to help out” 

What do all of these phrases have in common? They all stem from a breakdown in communication. People get distracted, details get lost in the shuffle, and honestly, communication is just plain tricky sometimes. That’s exactly why we created these communication features:

  • Outbound Text, Text-to-Act, and Welcome Concierge (Texts have a 98% open rate!)  
  • Chat 
  • Push messages  
  • Calendar 
  • Member Directory 

How they can transform your church: 

An app creates one efficient hub for effective communication. Send push notifications to remind or update members of an upcoming event, send a text to encourage participation, and chat with all app members–no phone numbers required. We’re all about streamlining, simplifying, and strengthening communication for you and your members.

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3. Generosity

82 percent of millennials believe society will eventually become cashless. This is a pretty telling finding. As Americans (not just millennials), carry less and less cash and become even more enamored with and accustomed to digital payments, it’s important for churches to provide mobile gifting options in addition to in-service offerings. 


  • Streamlined giving 
  • Donor-covered fees 
  • Giving Appeals 
  • Pledges 
  • Text-to-give 

How they can transform your church: 

Our giving features aren’t just there to reach younger cohorts, they are also there to give your congregation as a whole more ways and opportunities to support the church and missions through generosity. By offering an easy and meaningful giving experience, you can create joyful, regular givers.

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All of these powerful pieces live and work together under one digital roof, beautifully displayed with your branding and voice. You can pick and choose which features, layout, and graphics are best for your church. And because our affordable, all-in-one app is completely connected, you’ll be able to streamline processes and communication, reduce stress and cut costs, all while learning about your members, bringing your community closer together, and growing your church. 

As we wrap up, we want to touch on one more important consideration, and that’s support. For us, an app is just as much about the people as it is about the tech. That’s why with us, you’ll have a team of community building specialists, tech experts, and design enthusiasts in your corner from day 1. We’re here to answer any and all of your questions, be a resource to you, and cheer you on as you make big things happen for you church. 

Want to learn more? Need help getting started? 

Let’s chat.

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