Release Notes: July 30, 2019

Notable bug fixes in this series of releases:

  • Clicking ‘Near Me’ in UMCgo search was not pulling up list of churches nearby (AMP-3567)
  • Child Check-in was not saving the existing code on Android (AMP-4547)
  • When a calendar setting was changed from ‘tagged’ to ‘public,’ any previously attached tags were still tagged (AMP-5294)
  • Calendar was not displaying July 1st event in listing or standard view on July 1st (AMP-5299)
  • Giving passcode reset email was choosing wrong shortname for reset link (AMP-5394)

Notable features, performance enhancements and updates in this series of releases:

  • Profile verification texts are now running through the system’s shortcode (AMP-5391)

This list is fluid and will be updated throughout the month as releases are produced.

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