Release Notes: August 12, 2019

Notable bug fixes in this series of releases:

  • Blank screen was appearing on the Giving feature with the UMCgo app on Android (AMP-5431)
  • There was an issue with the mailto: link on Android (AMP-3764)
  • Tags were not saving changes in the portal (AMP-5436)
  • Shortlink to download app was not displaying correctly on the dashboard (AMP-5461)
  • Clicking on details icon for profile feature in the portal was not opening to the Profiles page (AMP-3307)
  • Forms were not loading (AMP-5515

New features and enhancements included in this series of releases:

  • All day events are now supported in the Calendar (AMP-4370 and AMP-4380)
  • Changed Android profile birthday picker to the spinner controls (AMP-4396)
  • Added manual QR code pass number entry for child check-in feature on iOS (AMP-4466)

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