Release Notes: August 28, 2019

Notable bug fixes in this series of releases:

  • Notes feature was not opening a PDF inside of a web view on Android (AMP-5529)
  • Tags were not saving changes made on the back end (AMP-5436)
  • Selecting the magnifying glass on Appeals feature was not redirecting users to the Appeals feature in the portal (AMP-5459)
  • Error message was displaying when trying to merge two profiles without a birthday (AMP-5551)
  • Display issue with menu button on iPhone X (AMP-5572)
  • Users were unable to access the back button within a calendar event on iOS (AMP-5664)

New features and enhancements included in this series of releases:

  • Vertical line spacing in paragraph field in a form was increased for easier readability (AMP-4583)
  • Now allowing fund management in aware3 if customer has PCO People but not PCO Giving (AMP-3947)
  • Added ‘Verified’ as a field on the Profile export (AMP-3373)
  • Added text indicating the App Icon dimensions and file type on the Setup Page (AMP-3841)
  • Removed ‘Give to an Appeal’ checkbox when donor starts their gift on an Appeal page (AMP-3808)

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