Release Notes: January 2020

New Features:

  • Give Flow Global Updates: (AMP-6174):
    • Overall visual/style changes
      • Font/color/icons to match other areas
    • Gift Amount entry changes
      • cursor placed in amount field
      • Allow $100,000 max donation
      • Allow cents
      • additional validation/messaging on amount
        • alerts to over/under max/min
        • adding amount to button text so much harder to make an error in amount
        • show revised amount with fee coverage
    • Fund section changes
      • update explanatory text
      • each fund includes 2 lines
        1. name
        2. description, if applicable
      • search now available on client with list of >50 funds
  • Forms enhancements (AMP-6859)
    • Update interface and copy on main Forms list
      • more detailed descriptive copy
      • general font/style changes
    • Increase Form interface contrast and readability
      • Color/font/style changes
    • Allow standard admins to copy a current form instead of having to start from scratch in creating a new form
      • Add icon/Duplicate button on each form row
      • Append “COPY” to form title


  • Show the correct support email address based on the customer’s products (AMP-6875)
  • Add opt-out copy to all outbound text messages on first notification (AMP-6737)

Bug fixes:

  • Sermon Notes issue: when clicking the send button, users will now receive an email with the note they are trying to send to themselves. (AMP-6951)
  • Form text will not sit so close to the edge of the screen (AMP-6954)
  • A duplicated form should have the text or email notification options. (AMP-7047)
  • Appeals page should load on IE 11 browser, but user should see a banner letting them know that IE is not supported. (AMP-7087)
  • When clicking inside of a feature hub, the header image should appear at the top of the screen with the content listed below. (AMP-7096)
  • Allow admins to change manual adjustment to $0 in an Appeal (AMP-6970)
  • Allow admins to change goal to $0 in an Appeal (AMP-6856)
  • An icon image should stay associated to the link it was uploaded to no matter how the links are organized (AMP-6936)
  • Chat notifications will show on lock screen or chat bubble icon for Android devices (AMP-6906)
  • Enable admin to select a valid fund when adding a Manual Transaction on the Transactions page (AMP-7035)

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