Release Notes: February 2020



  • Allow PCO payments to be updated with a settlement date by reverting extra PCO Payment Gift ID checks. (AMP-7289)

Bug fixes:

  • Once a duplication donation is deleted, it should not appear again within PCO. (AMP-7110)
  • Recovered missing transactions in PCO for a particular campaign. (AMP-7084)
  • the app feature “Giving: Aware3 Campaigns” has been renamed “Giving: Aware3 Appeals” as it is directly connected to the Appeals section. (AMP-7157)
  • Funds in text-to-give flow should match the funds in the give flow. (AMP-7215)
  • Fixed issue with two icons that were disappearing from Android devices upon opening app: “Weekend Resources” (a feature hub) and “Giving” (that links to external giving link “CCB”). (AMP-7024)
  • Enable profile names to be populated correctly when searching to add a manual transaction. (AMP-7074)
  • Settlement dates and batch IDs display on the transactions page and subsequently on the reconciliation report. (AMP-7271)
  • Facts Family: client in SchoolOn can display non-SIS (external) calendars within their Events button. (AMP-7203)
  • Users can view appeals in app within appeal feature and admins can view appeals by selecting “view appeal” option within the portal under Giving>Appeals. (AMP-7283)
  • Enable client to to access custom watch content in the portal and in app. (AMP-7184)
  • Sermon notes section will not pre-fill with previous notes; the interactive areas should remain empty until the user types within those interactive sections. (AMP-7214)

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