Release Notes: March 2020


New Features:

Forms enhancements (AMP-6859)

  1. Update interface and copy on Form Editor
    • Add new segmented section headers along left category list with items under each
      • General Elements
      • Interactive Elements
      • Settings
    • Updated page header
  2. Add hover/tooltip with helper text to the each element on editor
    • replaces current in-line help copy for most elements
    • include new in-line copy for Paragraph with link to HelpDesk article about adding images
  3. Ability to automatically add a Tag to a Profile-enabled form
    • Accessed via Profile section in Form Editor
      • new section to enable the tag select modal to open when user clicks on “Link Tags” button
      • the list of tags associated with this client to be retrieved and displayed in modal
      • include new in-line copy with link to HelpDesk article about adding tags
  4. Ability to limit the number of forms submitted
    • Accessed under Settings in Form Editor
      • User can add quantity
      • Also added error messaging for end users to see when form limit has been reached
  5. Updates to Forms List
    • new Active toggle
    • updated set of icons for various functions
      • includes new Duplicate function
      • also includes Delete function without need to inactivate the form
    • ability to update Form Title in list view


My Giving: Gift Details & History Layout (AMP-1854)

  1. New page to show both Active Recurring Gift(s) and Transaction History Info
    • Client name in header
    • link to Give Now
  2. Active gift details in read-only format
    • Delete Gift button/functionality
    • Dynamically shows date of next occurrence in series
  3. Transaction History
    • complete list of transactions back to earliest date
      • shows all applicable data elements of each transaction
    • Ability to filter list
      • by month – from 1 to 3
      • by year – from current back to earliest available to the end user
    • Ability print full either the complete or filtered list
    • Create New Gift button
    • Contact Staff button


  • Android/iOS: Calendar support of events that span multiple days (AMP-4035 & AMP-4036)
    • For a All Day event, show the time as “All Day” for each day
    • For a two-day event with start/end times, on the first day, show “Starts 3:00 PM”, and on the second, show “Ends 5:00 PM”
    • For a three-day event with start/end times, show “Starts 3:00 PM” on the first, “All Day” on the second, and “Ends 5:00 PM” on the 3rd.
  • Push message delivery improvements (AMP-6860)
  • Added text for”Hello, firstname” on the top of the new My Giving page to help identify the specific logged in user (AMP-7504)
  • While filling out a form with a profile field, added a field to capture first name to better determine a match to an existing profile or the need to create a new one (AMP-7480)
  • Improved the design and layout of the order/payment section on a Form to enable user to better distinguish quantity and total payment amount (AMP-7529; AMP-7551)

Bug Fixes:

  • Able to give with a credit card security code that starts with a 0 on Firefox (AMP-7476)
  • Appeals will stay in the order in which they are dragged and dropped, either after a page refresh or after navigation to a different screen and back (AMP-7433)
  • Words that are entered within Interactive Notes [text] section in app should not be bolded unless that format is specifically chosen (AMP-7451)
  • Ensure that PCO calendar events that are showing within the Aware3 portal are also appearing in app (AMP-7372)
  • Allow clients switching from CCB to PCO to see calendar events in portal and in app.(AMP-7490)
  • When viewing a form in the portal, it should pull up directly without ‘semi’ loading another page or showing an error message. (AMP-7526)
  • Admin is able to delete a profile comment in the portal. (AMP-7285)
  • Ignore-if-Active pushes (e.g., Chat notifications) working correctly on Android (AMP-7418)
    • if the app is in the background, the notification is displayed
    • If the app is in the foreground, it’s not displayed

View the full Release Notes archive.

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