Release Notes: April 2020

New Features:

  • My Giving: Edit Payment Method (AMP-7397)
    • Current payment method info (with masked account number) will be displayed below existing active recurring gift details
    • “Update Payment Info” button provided to open a new view:
      • interface to update credit card details
      • interface to update bank account details
      • ability to switch to either bank account or credit card from current method
      • option to include or exclude any associated fees with your gift
    • Options to either Cancel Edits or Save Payment Info
    • Text at bottom of screen updated dynamically to show next gift date when change will take effect


  • My Giving: Edit Gift Amount (AMP-6665)
    • View window changes
      • Slightly re-ordering some elements to separate payment edits from amount edits
      • Moving Delete button to edit screen
      • Adding Edit Payment Amount button
    • New edit window
      • ability to change gift amount
      • Delete Gift functionality enabled from this view
      • buttons to Cancel/Save Edits


  • Improved accuracy of iOS downloads data on the dashboard (AMP-7515)
  • Video cache time shortened from 24 hours to 12 hours (AMP-7628)

Bug Fixes:

  • Donor is able to cancel a recurring gift via the link in their email receipt (AMP-7550)
  • When filtering transactions by Frequency: Any, a list of recurring gifts (excluding one-time gifts) should be displayed (AMP-7617)
  • In the app the newest podcast entry will show at the top of the podcast list (AMP-7582)
  • Display notification count badge on app home screen when user has unread chats or push messages (AMP-7308; AMP-7554)
  • The phone number field should be required when completing a form via iOS with a profile section in it (AMP-7613)
  • Aware3 event calendar will display the same description from CCB calendar, regardless of punctuation (such as an apostrophe). (AMP-7624)
  • Admins should be able to enable and disable funds under setup>funds when using MS Edge (AMP-7642)
  • When donor enters $1,000 or more in the custom $ entry field, the confirmation amount will reflect the correct amount being given (AMP-7749)
  • Disabled funds correctly display fund title on the Giving Dashboard (AMP-7556)
  • User can return to app that’s running in the background after going to another app, without having to force quit the app. (AMP-7583)
  • Preview image on App tab in the portal matches in-app layout (AMP-7739)

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