Release Notes: May 2020

New Features:

  • My Giving: Edit Gift Frequency/Occurrences (AMP-7596)
    • View window changes
      • Change “Edit Gift Amount” text to “Edit Gift Details”
      • show Start Date field when recurring gift has not yet started
    • Edit window changes
      • Frequency is now a dropdown menu selector
        • available options from this list based on client set-up:
          • Daily
          • Weekly
          • Biweekly
          • Monthly
          • Quarterly
          • Yearly
      • Number of Occurrences is now a dropdown menu selector
        • Unlimited
        • 1-265
      • Start Date or Next Occurrence Date conditionally visible/editable
        • field will show as Start Date if recurring gift not yet started
        • field will show as Next Occurrence Date if frequency is changed
        • Date editable via calendar picker
          • user initially placed in current month of either their gift’s start date or next occurrence date
          • ability to navigate backward or forward through the months, but they cannot select a date that is in the past
          • user cannot choose today’s date as either their new start date or their next occurrence date


  • My Giving: Edit Payment Method (AMP-7397)
    • Current payment method info (with masked account number) will be displayed below existing active recurring gift details
    • “Update Payment Info” button provided to open a new view:
      • interface to update credit card details
      • interface to update bank account details
      • ability to switch to either bank account or credit card from current method
      • option to include or exclude any associated fees with your gift
    • Options to either Cancel Edits or Save Payment Info
    • Text at bottom of screen updated dynamically to show next gift date when change will take effect


  • My Giving: Edit Gift Amount (AMP-6665)
    • View window changes
      • Slightly re-ordering some elements to separate payment edits from amount edits
      • Moving Delete button to edit screen
      • Adding Edit Payment Amount button
    • New edit window
      • ability to change gift amount
      • Delete Gift functionality enabled from this view
      • buttons to Cancel/Save Edits


  • The push notification screen displays the remaining character count available as the user types (out of 130 total) (AMP-7704)

Bug Fixes:

  • In the profile section on Android devices, updated the blank bar that when clicked you are prompted to reset your passcode, to be labeled “reset passcode” (AMP-7118)
  • User doesn’t receive duplicate push messages for a chat message (AMP-7713)
  • A mix of both person and organization transactions is still exportable from the Transactions page (AMP-7914)
  • Users should receive only one note response copy at a time (AMP-7793)
  • Ensure correct badge counts are reported to users for the number of unread messages, by not including messages canceled in the web admin (AMP-8061)
  • Can successfully save an updated payment method for a recurring gift (AMP-7939)
  • Removed Phone/Email requirement to create or update a profile in the portal (AMP-7769)
  • Able edit info page feature on the App tab (AMP-8111)
  • Donors of organizations with multiple campuses can set up a recurring gift (AMP-8132)
  • App session count is consistent when filtered on Dashboard (AMP-7916)
  • Feature Hub App Tile label has been corrected (AMP-8044)
  • When a recurring gift is cancelled or has ended (no occurrences remaining), the X should not appear next to any of the gifts in the recurring series. (AMP-8113)
  • Form import successfully loads billing plans from which to select (AMP-8147)

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