Release Notes: July 2020

New Features:

Interactive Video (AMP-7859,AMP-7860,AMP-7861)

*minimum app version requirement: 36.1.0

   For the admin in Portal:

  • New feature type: Watch, Single Interactive Video
  • Set-up screen to input desired features
    • Vimeo or YouTube video URL
    • updated table view for the following features to be added/edited:
      • Giving
      • Links
        • Links can be used to provide URLs to access Forms or Polls
        • adding a button to individual items in Poll interface to allow the capture of a link
      • Notes
    • improved drag and drop functionality to re-order rows


   For the enduser in-app:

  • New combo feature
  • live-streaming (YouTube only) or pre-recorded video at top of app screen
  • the following features will be options to display at the bottom of the screen, with which the user can interact:
    • Giving
    • Links (i.e. to Forms or Polls)
    • Notes


App Management v2: App Tile Layout (AMP-7897)

  • Visual revisions to app tiles:
    • larger layout
    • updated button styling
    • clearer enabled/disabled state
    • if feature type or title is longer than one line, ellipses will display at end of first line
  • Functional revisions to tile buttons:
    • to update tile image/title: pencil icon changed to gear to open Tile Settings modal
    • to edit tile content: magnifying glass icon changed to “Edit Content” button
    • alternative labeling/navigation on this button for features that can’t technically be edited
      • “View Transactions” for Giving
      • “Schedule Message” for Inbox
      • “View Profiles” for Profile & Directory
    • to turn tile “off” or “on” in app: eye icon changed to toggle
    • to re-order tiles: crossed arrow icon changed to 6-dot gripper
  • Improved drag and drop experience


  • Allow Links to be sent via Chat (AMP-7645)

    *minimum app version requirement: 36.1.0

    • After the user sends a message, the app will detect an HTTP link, style it as a URL (blue with underline) and make the link clickable
    • The link will open in a modal window within the app (iOS only)
    • The modal window can be dismissed (iOS only)
    • The link will open in a separate browser window (Android only)

Bug Fixes:

  • The “Next” and “Previous” buttons on Profile Activity tab correctly loads the subsequent or former page of activities (AMP-3591)
  • Calendar events will successfully show on a3 calendar after clicking “Create Event” (AMP-8501)
  • When a user sends a new chat message then the screen should automatically offset to show their new message (AMP-7924)
  • A calendar event from Google Calendar that spans over part of multiple days will correctly reflect the date and time of the entire event when a user clicks on each day in-app (AMP-8098)
  • When user clicks on a CCB Lifegroups feature in-app, the link to email leader works correctly (AMP-8504)
  • The donor is able to select a length of ‘1 Year’ or ‘Indefinitely’ for a pledge after changing the frequency to ‘Yearly.’’ (AMP-7147)
  • First name will be on the print view from Transactions page (AMP-8546)
  • The Watch Feature playlist thumbnail in the app will respect the order of thumbnail settings in YouTube. (AMP-8603)
  • As an Android user, when I click into a calendar event (EVENT VIEW) from Google Calendar that spans over part of multiple days in-app, I will see the start/end date and time of the entire event on each applicable day. (AMP-8102)
  • When an invalid video URL is provided via Watch Feed feature, the app will not crash. (AMP-8612)
  • No blank screen appears when end user on Moto g7 play, Android 9 views the blog feature in app (AMP-8752)
  • Donor from a client who recently moved from CCB to PCO with an active recurring gift is able to cancel their recurring gift. (AMP-8749)

View the full Release Notes archive.

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