Release Notes: August 2020

New Features:

Enhanced People Filtering (AMP-8622)

  • Dropdown menu with existing list of filter options separated into “Information” and “Attribute” filter categories
  • Dynamic field hint to specify when either partial or full search entry is allowed
    • accompanying info icon to indicate examples of how partial search might work
  • Refined And/Or functionality
    • “Or” can be used within a single filter category to return people who meet either criteria
    • “And” can be used to choose a separate filter category to narrow results to those that meet 2 criteria
  • Sidebar can be expanded with some table columns hidden, or collapsed with all table columns visible
  • Number badge indicates how many filters have been applied
  • “x” next to each filter row to remove a selection, with one always remaining in original default state if all filters are removed


Diagnostic & Push Setup Check Tool (AMP-8382)

minimum app version requirement: 36.3.0

  • End user will be able to send pertinent data for troubleshooting device/app issues
    • Create new iOS Settings page / Utilize existing Android Settings Page
    • Add Send Report button for collection of diagnostics
    • Provide additional text boxes for user to include both optional issue description and email
    • spinner to display to indicate process completion
  • Upon submission, all diagnostics and optional information will be logged
    • Fatal errors & exceptions will also be caught and logged
    • Interface will be searchable, but messaging to user will explain that this is not a direct line to support
    • There will be an internal Slack notification when a report is generated


  • Updated portal user interface to more clearly indicate when/if user wishes to delete a tag (AMP-7631; AMP-7632)

Bug Fixes:

  • Phone-only end users are listed last on the people profile default sort view (AMP-8756)
  • Users will receive only a single copy of a note response to his/her specified email (AMP-7793)
  • Even with a single fund, Giving dashboard displays correct fund and correct amounts (AMP-8799)
  • User able to give over $999.00 via text-to-give (AMP-8822)
  • Allow users to email themselves a copy of the note if no fill-in-the-blank fields are present (AMP-8860)
  • Can edit a profile with an email address (AMP-8767)
  • When updating an end user profile for a client with PCO setup then the changes crosspost to PCO successfully (AMP-8340)
  • A customer’s website URL link or public pdf link should reliably, repeatedly load inside the interactive feature (AMP-8753; AMP-8754)
  • Customers using a web giving link inside a Link feature instead of the Give feature should not encounter an error on Android (AMP-8893)
  • An apostrophe displayed in CCB calendar event descriptions should not show as “&#39 in app on Android devices (AMP-8787)

View the full Release Notes archive.

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