Release Notes: September 2020

New Features:



  • Improved sort on Transactions table columns: (AMP-8978)
    • there are up/down arrows to the right of each sortable column header for ascending/descending order
    • the active sort has a purple arrow
    • on hover the cursor is changed to a pointer hand

Bug Fixes:

  • When creating a pledge using the pledge link generator, the “Years” duration of the pledge should display what was selected when originally creating the pledge (AMP-9176)
  • In CCB calendar event descriptions containing links, html should not be visible around the URL (AMP-9155)
  • As an admin, when I click on Schedule Message on the Inbox feature on the app tab, I should be taken to the Connect > Schedule page (AMP-9039)
  • If a client does not have an app product, a donor’s text receipt should not prompt them to “Download our app here” (AMP-8957)
  • Podcast feature should not display visible markup in app (AMP-8814)
  • In a UMCgo listing on Android, you are able to click on and view an info page feature without being kicked out to the UMCgo splash screen (AMP-8838)
  • Badge count on homescreen in app should match the unread chat count plus the unread push message count (AMP-8915)
  • Integration with PCO should not cause duplicates in Aware3 (AMP-8715)
  • On Transactions page, adjusted the alignment of the tooltips to their respective columns, and also made the table horizontally scrollable without the need to scroll the whole page (AMP-8928)
  • People profiles table can sort results in the table correctly (AMP-8964)
  • A URL used for Interactive video that fails should load in app but then show an error message to the user (AMP-8960)
  • When clicking the create profile button from the manual transaction modal, you should be able to click Add Person to add a new profile (AMP-8986)

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