Release Notes: November 2020

New Features:

End-of-Year Giving Statements (AMP-1774; AMP-8910;AMP-8911)

  • Enhance Funds page to allow selection of Tax or Non-deductible status
  • Menu access via Giving>Statements to setup page
    • informational header
    • optional input fields for tax ID #/Custom Message
    • static statement example ()
      • place for organization logo/info
      • place for donor info
      • place to show optional fields (tax ID/message)
      • statement generated date
      • statement transaction date range
    • Ability to Save statement setup
      • success/error modals
  • Add Generate Statements button to People page
    • open modal to choose date range and delivery method
    • validation to require these fields
  • Include Passcode modal on this page if in use for client/admin
  • Enable Generate button for delivery
    • Admin can choose either or both options
    • If download checkbox selected:
      • produce and email a link to admin
      • generate a batch of PDF statement files for download
      • batch contains a statement for all previously selected profiles on People page, and will include transactions within Statement Date range parameters set in modal
      • statements will not be generated for donors who have not given within the date range
    • If email checkbox selected:
      • produce and email a link to user(s)
      • generate a single PDF statement file for download
      • email contains a statement for the previously selected profile on People page, and will include transactions within Statement Date range parameters set in modal
      • statements will not be generated for donors who have not given within the date range


Create a device-bound profile upon form completion (AMP-4406)

  • a form filled out in-app that requires completion of user information fields will utilize that info to create a new profile if one does not already exist
    • updated text for clarity from: “Remember me” to “Remember me on this device.”
  • if user is using a device on which there is an existing profile, they can clear the pre-existing info and proceed with filling out the form and the creation of a new profile
    • moved and updated text for clarity from “Not You? Clear profile.” to “Not you? Complete this form as a different user.”
  • if user wishes to disassociate previous profile from a device, they would complete the existing ‘Delete Profile’ steps
    • new user would then have option to select “Remember me..” to have the their profile info pre-populated in future

Bug Fixes:

  • When a link is added to calendar event in the portal, it should display a button to click the link in-app on Android (AMP-9632)
  • Admins should be able to easily see the mobile device a profile was created on in the admin portal, as indicated by the appropriate icon (AMP-8372; 9450)
  • If user has no red badge notifications inside their app and then they receive a chat message, then a red badge will appear only for chat messages (AMP-7929)
  • When an Android user clicks on the ‘Campaign’ feature, there should not be a visible zoom button, but they should still be able to pinch and zoom on the screen (AMP-7204)
  • Ensure that no duplicate form payments can be processed (AMP-9548)
  • When viewing the Funds page with no 3rd-party fund management, the fund description container width should allow the full description to be readable (AMP-9424)
  • When a user cancels a recurring gift and clicks “Confirm Cancellation” the recurring charge will end (AMP-9579)
  • When the user clicks Update Profile from in-app, if either profile verification method is unverified, resend the verification messages (via text and/or email) (AMP-9451)
  • Within the Interactive Video feature, the navigation tabs should be easy to read and not change size when user scrolls up and down within the feature (AMP-9249)

View the full Release Notes archive.

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