Release Notes: February 2021

New Features:

  • An admin will be able to check an option on the Receipt setup page to disable app cross-promotion on giving receipt text (AMP-10128, FIX# 38.5.0)


  • When an admin is archiving an end_user, the system will now check for any payment history to restrict the archive and produce the statement of “Payment history associated with this profile. This profile has transactions associated with their account and cannot be deleted.” (AMP-10156, FIX# 38.5.1)
  • End of Year Statements link via email will expire in 14 days versus expiring in 3 days previously. The email will also state this with “This link will expire in 14 days.” (AMP-10142, FIX# 38.5.0)
  • A user will be able to see all the profile details when they receive a form response email notification (AMP-7474 FIX# 38.5.0)

Bug Fixes:

  • Appeal and Campaign page will reflect only processed donations and not future scheduled donations (AMP-10317, FIX#38.7.5)
  • Updated Date and Dashboard date will match and be aligned with the 6 month update schedule (AMP-9986, FIX# 38.7.2)
  • The form submission font will now have a darker more easily readable font on mobile (AMP-10185, FIX#38.7.1)
  • Avatar pictures in the chat feature are not distorted and display correctly (AMP-10238, FIX#38.7.0)
  • The birthdate date picker is now displayed as a scroll bar to choose the date desired (AMP-10223, FIX#38.7.0)
  • Multi day events in iOS will now display as such instead of defaulting to a singular date and time (AMP-10207, FIX 38.7.0)
  • “Create Custom Field” button will successfully allow users to create custom fields for users to fill out (AMP-10194, FIX# 38.6.1)
  • The file name on a downloaded statement will align exactly with the statement dates. When generating a statement for 1/1/2020-12/31/2020, those exact dates will appear on the statement (AMP-10150, FIX# 38.5.1)
  • When a standard admin whose account does not have giving or standalone app enabled logs in, they will be directed to profiles > people (AMP-10144, FIX #38.4.10)
  • Birthdays in the aware3 portal will now show with the correct date (AMP-10007, FIX #38.4.9)
  • Setup page will have an upload option for iPhone12 6.5 inch – 1284 x 2778 pixels (AMP-10076, FIX #38.4.3)
  • Within the appeals feature, the months will be labeled correctly for the date and time calendar (AMP-10120, FIX #38.4.3)
  • Appeals with no input for the start date will not cause the UI to fail (AMP-10129, FIX #38.4.4)
  • Push messages will be visible on device lock screen when delivered (AMP-9780, FIX #38.4.6)

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