Release Notes: April 2021

New Features:

  • Relationships Profile/ Transaction Updates AMP-9335, AMP-9556


  1. New relationships container on the people profile info page
    1. Includes a list of existing relationships & empty state if none exist
  2. The “add relationships” button opens a modal
    1. Search by name for any existing profiles
    2. Choose a relationship type
      1. Availability to choose a relationship for each side; with the second one offering only appropriate reciprocal types
  3. Ability to edit or delete relationship via pencil or trash icon
  4. Ability to view a relation’s profile details by clicking on their name button in the relationships container
  5. New Navigation to Transactions
    1. Click on new “View Giving” button to view a page pre-filtered to that specific profile’s transaction history


  1. Updated page/table header & separate “Download All”/”Download This List” buttons
    1. modals to show export options/status
    2. Count of total transactions displayed & improved menus for pagination/records per page
  2. New Profile column in table
    1. Clicking on a name label will update table results to show only that person transactions
  3. Newly organized ‘Filter by’ menu
        1. filter labels have an ‘x’ to clear separately or “Clear Filters” button to clear all
        2. addition of “Specific Profile” search with type-ahead ability
        3. updated calendar picker for date filters
  4. After choosing profile, toggle displayed to “Show related transactions”
      1. if toggled on, any person/org related to that selected profile will also show in table
      2. additional “Relation” column visible to indicate the relation type
      3. Related profile name now clickable to change the page and reveal a users transaction data along with their relationship info
  5. New Navigation to Profiles
    1. click on the specific profile filter button (person’s name) located under the ‘Filter by’ section, to go to that person’s Profile detail page


Bug Fixes:

  • a3/FG When a user is creating a profile through the give flow and they check and uncheck “Use a bank account” in the payment setup, then it will no longer disable the process button and allow the user to proceed (AMP-5414, FIX# 38.11.6)
  • a3/FF/FG When a user is creating a form and includes a payment section, then the section will indicate unfinished with a red line to the left of the section (AMP-9726, FIX# 38.11.6)
  • a3/FF Push notification enable and disable setting will persist across app sessions (AMP-10376, FIX#39.9.0)
  • FF A user will now be able to switch between terms while in the app using a dropdown option (AMP-10415, FIX#39.9.0)
  • a3/ When using Interactive Video, if a user is attempting to fill out a form there is no longer a large white space between the keyboard and form (AMP-10420, FIX#39.9.0)
  • a3/FF/FG Users will now be able to successfully import a template in the profile section (AMP-10608, FIX# 38.11.4)

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Release Notes: April 2021