Release Notes: May 2021

New Features:

New Reports landing page

  • New reports tab in updated portal navigation menu leads to a reports page, where new items will be added as they’re developed.
  • First report tile “Year-Over-Year Giving”
  • Conditional empty state if the user doesn’t have the giving plan enabled

Year-Over-Year report

    • Parameters Side Bar with following editable pre-sets
      • Who menu defaulted to “All Profiles”
        • Can separate by people vs. organization (if org product enabled)
      • Fund menu defaulted to All tax-deductible funds
      • Year menu defaulted to 3 most recent years (or fewer if available)
        • Only see years in menu for which there is giving history
      • “Share Report” button
      • “Run” button in order to re-generate the report
        • When/if parameters are changed from the default, click Run in order to re-populate the table results
    • Table
      • Real-time data results based on pre-set parameter defaults
      • Scrollable table with following columns:
        • Profile
        • Total
        • Year(s)
        • Email
        • Phone
        • Address
        • Postal Code
        • Tax ID
        • Contact Notes


  • Navigation Menu Refresh
    • Updated color scheme for menu background/buttons
    • “Account” and “Setup” tabs/items relocated to new dropdown under client name
    • Home menu renamed to “Dashboard”
      • Giving dashboard moved
    • “Setup” relocated from old “Setup” nav item to under “App” menu
    • “Funds” relocated from old “Setup” nav item to under “Giving” menu
    • Connect menu changed to “Messaging”
      • “Activity” changed to “Sent Messages”
  • a3/FF/FG Admin will now see a chat bubble icon indicating whether or not a user has opted in to text ability or not (AMP-10867, FIX#39.7.1)


  • All giving unlock feature modals will now use new updated style guidelines (AMP-10746, FIX#39.4.0)
  • When users receive an email receipt, the receipt will now include the logo of the organization to which the donation was made (AMP-10811, FIX#39.4.1)
  • When a Tags section is added to a Form, the line “To learn more about tags click here” is no longer displayed in that section (AMP-10793, FIX 39.4.3)
  • An organization’s logo will now be the dominant text when a user has given and receives a text receipt (AMP-10753, FIX#39.5.2)
  • Forms editor will now be viewable on all medium sized viewports (AMP-10932, FIX# 39.5.3)

Bug Fixes:

  • When viewing a users profile, the profile image will no longer be distorted and appear as the correct size (AMP-10679, FIX#39.4.2)
  • Global admins will now be able to view reports without being redirected to the login page (AMP-10894, FIX#39.4.3)
  • When the transactions page is filtered by fund, the filtered fund will match the fund filter name at the top of the list (AMP-10809, FIX# 39.4.3)
  • Announcement Feature box will no longer be a smaller size (AMP-10825, FIX#39.4.3)
  • A user will be able to access chats on A3 Community App (AMP-10401, FIX# 39.5.0)
  • An Android user will not have any issues with scrolling while in the interactive video feature (AMP-10652, FIX# 39.5.0)
  • Chat notifications will disappear once a user has opened up the chat and will not return in a new session (AMP-10672, FIX#39.5.0)
  • When a user clicks on “View Giving” in the reports tab, it will bring the user to a page that shows that specific profiles giving history (AMP-10910, FIX# 39.5.0)
  • Users will have the ability to open the appeals page and edit any appeal (AMP-10948, FIX# 39.5.2)
  • When a user has given, and an admin has clicked on transactions, the amount reported for that user, should match what is in YoY reports (AMP-11008, FIX 39.6.2)
  • When a user is on the aware3 campuses page, then available campuses will load without problem (AMP-11030, FIX# 39.6.2)
  • When in Forms, the client’s branding will drive the tab’s branding (AMP-10653, FIX# 39.7.0)
  • An admin will have the ability to change the appeals start and end date and save successfully (AMP-11013, FIX# 39.7.0)
  • Within the portal, language displayed under the messaging tab will say ‘Send to Everyone’ and ‘Send to Tag’ with the specific tags that are created (AMP-11023, FIX #39.7.3)

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