Release Notes: June 2021

New Features:

  • Sign-In Page Refresh
    • Updated background image
    • Updated modal and button styles
  • There is now a ”Download Results” button available on the Year-Over-Year report, in order to initiate an immediate csv download of the report results as currently displayed in the table. (10896, FIX#39.9.3)
  • Admins will now have the ability to send a push notification immediately (10864, FIX#39.9.1)
  • Admin will now have the ability to see if a user has given permission to text them through a Text Communication Preference column with a new conversation icon that has an indicator of “√” or an “X” (AMP-10878, FIX#39.9.2)
  • Admins will now have the ability to confirm whether or not they want to send a message immediately. When an admin clicks “Yes, Send now.” they receive a confirmation of “Your notification has been scheduled”. Additionally, when an admin clicks “do not send” then they are returned to the Schedule a Message setup page and modal disappears (AMP-10865, FIX#39.9.1)
  • Users now have the ability to scroll horizontally using a floating scroll bar at the bottom of the transactions page (AMP-11077, FIX# 39.9.4)
  • An admin will now be able to view an individual profiles texting preferences and mobile phone details (AMP-10868, FIX#39.10.3)
  • Users now have the ability to scroll horizontally using a floating scroll bar at the bottom of the reports page (AMP-11137, FIX# 39.10.3)


  • An admin will now see the updated button style of toggle switch on the Schedule a Message page (AMP-10866, FIX39.8.0)
  • An admin will now see the updated button style of toggle switch on the Check-In modal (AMP-11055, FIX#39.9.2)
  • When a user navigates to the Schedule Message page they’ll see asterisks next to required fields and updated design system styles (AMP-11093, FIX#39.10.0)
  • “Edit” and “Delete” columns will be removed from the people profiles summary page (AMP-11116, FIX#39.10.3)
  • As an admin, I am able to select, add, and customize an Info Page feature when I am creating/customizing an Interactive Video feature (AMP-11223, FIX#39.10.3)
  • Toggle functions in the tags modal will now be updated to an oval green pill shaped button (AMP-11056, FIX#39.10.0)
  • An admin will now be able to see the profile names including the first and last name of a profile and the users profile image, if available, in the new “Profile” column on the Profiles>People page (AMP-10879, FIX#39.9.4)
  • Admins will now see an updated header title of “Receipts & Notifications” on the receipt customization page. Also they will see a darker header color and that the save button has been moved to the top right corner (AMP-11333, FIX#39.12.2)

Bug Fixes:

  • Within the portal, language displayed under the messaging tab will say ‘Send to Everyone’ and ‘Send to Tag’ with the specific tags that are created (AMP-11023, FIX #39.7.3)
  • Users will be able to log into portal in Firefox Browser using Firefox’s built in password manager (AMP-11045, FIX# 39.7.4)
  • Profile image will display when app is opened on android (AMP-10900, FIX#39.8.0)
  • Past a certain threshold, dark accent colors will change to make feature titles more readable (AMP-10901, FIX#39.8.0)
  • After a video that has been in full size mode is minimized, the video will continue to play at its regular size (AMP-10907, FIX#39.8.0)
  • Profiles with no name attached to the profile information will display as “[No Name]” in the table (AMP11053, FIX#39.8.0)
  • Form default payment method will stay on credit when credit is chosen and saved (AMP-11058, FIX#39.8.0)
  • When a user goes to add an event to the calendar, when they are in the calendar they will be able to see the “add event” button (AMP-11106, FIX#39.8.0)
  • When an admin, adds an Appeal to a Campaign, it will save successfully without spinning (AMP-11022, FIX#39.8.1)
  • Both Campus and Fund will save automatically to an already created appeal (AMP-11020, FIX#39.9.1)
  • When an admin creates a form with a payment they will not be able to delete the profile section on the form (AMP-11001, FIX#39.9.3)
  • A users custom ID will not disappear after in app profile has been created (AMP-11125, FIX#39.9.4)
  • Users are able to find a specific profile by first and last name and typing a space will not yield “no results” (AMP-11057, FIX#39.10.0)
  • Profile page can now render a last name with an apostrophe (AMP-11194, FIX#39.10.0)
  • When a user views the Message>Schedule Message page they will see a new paragraph with the URL to opt into texting and an explanation for its use (AMP-11094, FIX#39.10.2)
  • Users will be able to give in Client’s Giving Forms (AMP-11309, FIX#39.10.3)
  • On the Messages > Sent Messages page in the portal, the header at the top will not be squished and will properly span the width of the page (AMP-11132, FX#39.10.3)
  • Events will stay on calendar even if an Admin that created events is deleted globally (AMP-11150, FIX#39.10.3)
  • When an admin applies the filter of “Less Than $0” then the results will yield negative transactions only (AMP-11126, FIX#39.10.5)
  • Page Number dropdown and Show Results dropdown will be aligned with each other at the same level and centered in the middle at the height of the dropdown (AMP-11311, FIX# 39.10.5)
  • On content only page, the work boxes will allow for a user to click anywhere in the box to initiate typing (AMP-11273, FIX#39.11.1)
  • On the content only page, the dropdown for formatting styles will be visible and no longer hidden behind the content area (AMP-11314, FIX#39.11.3)
  • All Report titles will have consistent grammatical formatting including a period at the end of each title (AMP-11403, FIX#39.11.4)
  • Users will now have the ability to sort the “Profile” column in ascending or descending order on the Profiles> People Summary Page (AMP-10880, FIX#39.11.0)
  • The clickable area in drop-downs has now been expanded to allow for more click ability by users (AMP-11391, FIX#39.12.1)
  • User will no longer be directed to the top of the page after selecting text alignment option on the content only page (AMP-11410, FIX#39.12.2)

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