Release Notes: July 2021

New Features:

  • While on the Organizations Page, users will now see a updated styling for the search bar and a new text hint of “Search by Organization Name” (AMP-11495, FIX#40.1.4)


  • Admins will now see an app specific app download link under the checkbox in the “App Download” section on Receipts & Notifications page (AMP-11334, FIX#39.12.3)
  • Admins are able to sort the “Ok to text” column. The default of the sorting will be in descending order with the “Ok to text” users at the top of the list (AMP-11122, FIX#40.0.0)
  • On the people page, a user can now sort the profile verification columns with the default being the profiles sorted in descending order with Verified Profiles at the top (AMP-11059, FIX#40.0.2
  • The table on the Transactions page now shows the header row in gray, with a border between the column divisions, and a smaller and bolder font (AMP-11448, FIX40.1.1)
  • Standard admins now have the ability to add the chat feature if it is part of their plan to the app as its own feature, and also as part of a feature hub (AMP-10424, FIX#40.1.4)
  • On the People profiles page, when viewing the page header, users will no longer see columns for number of devices, device family and image (AMP-10872, FIX#40.3.0)
  • Admins are able to view a users latest device family label and icon in the Phone section and a users text preferences when on the People details page (AMP-11159, FIX#40.3.4)

Bug Fixes:

  • Admins will be able to delete a profile in the portal without issue (AMP-11369, FIX 39.12.4)
  • When selecting the actions menu on the people page, “View/Edit Profile” and “Delete Profile” are fully visible without scroll (AMP-11407, FIX#40.0.2)
  • On the Transactions page when filtering by frequency, the correct label shows beneath it to indicate the actual frequency with which the table data is filtered (AMP-11550, FIX#40.0.3)
  • Large scale profile duplication will no longer occur (AMP-11555, FIX#40.0.4)
  • When a user is editing the receipt header on the Receipts Page, they are able to click ‘Save’ and have the updated contents they entered in the text box be successfully saved(AMP-11604, FIX#41.1.1)
  • When using the “filter by fund” feature on the transaction page, certain funds will appear disabled in the fund dropdown if they have been previously selected (AMP-10823, FIX#40.1.2)
  • When admins approve someone to access the Directory via email, they will not receive an error message (AMP-11424, FIX#40.1.3)
  • All locations added within the locations feature will show up in the portal and also be reflected within the app (AMP-11587, FIX#40.2.5)
  • Any appeal from the last two years (based on start date), regardless of whether it is currently active or not, will appear in the Appeals filter on the Transactions page (AMP-11558, FIX#40.2.0)
  • Users will be able to make and save their changes to the Receipts page successfully (AMP-11641, FIX#40.2.0)
  • Users are able to update and save their credit card information in the portal (AMP-11639, FIX#40.2.3)
  • While in the app, end users will not receive a message saying they are the first one there and instead see the entire existing directory from the portal (AMP-11595, FIX#40.2.5)
  • Admins are able to add a manual transaction without error message (AMP-11763, FIX#40.3.3)

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