Release Notes: September 2021

New Features:

  • Columns “Appeal”, “Fund” and “Pledge” will be sortable in the transactions table (AMP-11258, FIX#41.0.0)
  • VUE Transactions Filter By Menu & Search Bar
    • a3/FF/FG
      • Now located to the right of the search bar
      • Removed from “Filter by” menu:
        • “First Name”
        • “Last Name”
        • “Specific Profile”
      • “Email” filter moved below “Batch ID”
      • Ability to type in the search by and create a filter based on that


  • Delete transaction modal is updated with new design components (AMP-11272, FIX#40.10.1)
  • CCB column icon will be an updated icon image with a tooltip detailing the Campus ID, User ID, and Test ID (AMP-11260, FIX#40.11.2

Bug Fixes:

  • A user is able to successfully submit a live poll inside an interactive video feature (AMP-12091, FIX#40.9.0)
  • Users are able to select “Now” as a send time for their push message, only if the send date is the current day (AMP-11065, FIX#40.9.0)
  • Extra long calendar names do not overflow the allowed space (AMP-9990, FIX#40.9.1)
  • Header images will be visible in the app events feature (AMP-11967, FIX40.10.0)
  • Text Message link will show in app and be usable (AMP-12189, FIX#40.10.0)
  • Header images will be visible in the app events feature (AMP-11967, FIX40.10.0)
  • Text Message link will show in app and be usable (AMP-12189, FIX#40.10.0)
  • All android users are able to access the app (AMP-12352, FIX#40.11.0)
  • Clients will be able to access transactions list on iPhones (AMP-12209. FIX4#40.11.4)
  • When a transactions is processed for a pledge then a “yes” will appear in the pledge column on the transactions table (AMP-12296, FIX#41.0.0)
  • PaymentSpring contact info will appear correctly in the transactions page tooltip (AMP-12321, FIX#41.0.0)
  • The transactions page will load all transactions (AMP-12463, FIX#40.0.2)
  • When an admin is downloading a transactions report, they will not experience a Slim Application Error (AMP-12412, FIX#40.0.3)
  • Transaction download will download correctly (AMP-12468, FIX#41.0.4)
  • When a user refreshes the homescreen of the app, then it will refresh correctly and not crash (AMP-12465, FIX#41.0.5)
  • When navigating to reports tab or downloading transactions admin will not receive a 500 error (AMP-12223, FIX#41.0.5)
  • Error messages will no longer prevent the user from opening their app (AMP-12493, FIX#41.0.6)
  • When opening a feature from side menu it will display correct feature name (AMP-12115, FIX#40.11.0)
  • Header images will be visible within an android app (AMP-12227, FIX#40.11.0)
  • Within the profile section on an android device, “Delete” and “Reset Passcode” buttons are fully clickable (AMP-12285, FIX#40.11.0)

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