Release Notes: October 2021

New Features:

  • New empty state of an empty file cabinet when a user navigates to the forms page and none exist (AMP-12648, FIX#41.2.4)


  • The Post to Church Community Builder and Post to Planning Center Online modals have updated button styles (AMP-11285, FIX#41.2.0)
  • If a fund is turned off then a gift is not able to be made to it(AMP-10480, FIX#41.4.3)

Bug Fixes:

  • “Active recurring gifts” filter in New Donors report will only show active recurring donors (AMP-12224 FIX#41.0.8)
  • Transactions page will download filtered transactions correctly (AMP-12525, FIX#41.0.8)
  • Clients are be able to delete manual transactions (AMP-12546, FIX#41.0.8)
  • Icon images saves & displays after clicking update in admin portal (AMP-12368, FIX#41.1.0)
  • A user is able to submit a poll (AMP-12091, FIX#41.2.0)
  • Settlement Date filter will show the correct settled date of transaction (AMP-12600, FIX#41.2.0)
  • A gray scroll bar will not appear if the table is not big enough for one. Also the table will not scroll if it fits within its container (AMP-12457, FIX#41.2.0)
  • Admins will be able to see search results even after typing a space in the search bar (AMP-12520, FIX#41.2.0)
  • Autocomplete in the search bar will align perfectly with the typed words (AMP-12531, FIX#41.2.0)
  • When a Calendar event is deleted from within Impact, then events will be deleted as well (AMP-12312, FIX#41.2.1)
  • The spacing of the checklist items on Receipts page will maintain consistent spacing (AMP-12601, FIX#41.2.1)
  • When attempting to remove a calendar from “calendar feed” feature, the ‘x’ is centered on the gray button (AMP-12622, FIX#41.2.1)
  • Transactions table will not load in background if feature is locked (AMP-12608, FIX#41.2.3)
  • Client videos will remain in portal and will not disappear (AMP-12170, FIX#41.2.3)
  • Clients are able to delete scheduled messages (AMP-12627, FIX#41.2.4)
  • Link to transactions from profile will redirect admin to transactions page (AMP-12631, FIX#41.2.4)
  • As an admin, when I apply a settlement date range (with before and after dates applied) the results will return the correct date range and not include transactions that settled outside of the date range (AMP-12687, FIX#41.4.0)
  • On the TCPA opt-in page the client’s logo is displayed at the top of the page (AMP-12634, FIX#41.4.0)
  • When an admin deletes a campus with no funds associated then the campus will delete successfully (AMP-12704, FIX#41.4.0)
  • Custom Video Feature Icons will maintain one inch size (AMP-12346, FIX#41.4.3)
  • An app’s description and keywords will match what they have on the Setup page in their portal. (AMP-12836, FIX#41.4.4)
  • Button labels are not visible in app when button labels are set to off in admin portal. (AMP-12839, FIX#41.4.2)
  • Settlement Date filter will show the correct settled date of transaction (AMP-12600, FIX#41.4.3)
  • “New ID Created” field will save correctly and display in portal (AMP-11276, FIX#41.4.3)
  • Non-aware3 link features will have the ability to add an external giving link when housed inside a feature hub (AMP-11356, FIX#41.4.3)

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