Release Notes: December 2021

New Features:

  • An updated order of the columns displayed for all custom reports is as follows: Profile, Total, Last Gift Date, Last Gift Amount, Funds, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Tax ID, Contact Note. All columns are sortable (AMP-12725, FIX#41.10.0)
  • Admins can add images to notes. (AMP-13203, FIX#41.10.1)
  • When users click on the notes feature in the app, “More Notes” is opened by default. (AMP-13205, FIX#41.10.4)


  • The admin is prompted to enter the form title after clicking “+ Create New Form”. Once the title is entered, the admin is directed to the form’s editor/builder view for the new form. (AMP-8441, FIX#41.10.1)
  • When Relationships is not enabled, then, on the profile detail page there is a new Relationships container showing the disabled state with explanatory text and a button to learn more (AMP-12702, FIX 41.7.1)

Bug Fixes:

  • The note section on the Billing page has distinct margins around the text box and placeholder text to indicate note writing ability. (AMP-13219, FIX#41.9.2)
  • Admins can access custom video feature and add or edit content in feature. (AMP-13274, FIX#41.9.2)
  • When a user schedules a gift to be in the future, that transaction is not invoked until the day for which it’s scheduled. (AMP-13235, FIX#41.9.3)
  • When a client creates a Giving profile by Giving, that profile is accessible through the Profile page and through the Profile search in the Transactions page. (AMP-13116, FIX#41.10.0)
  • Clients can add and save videos to series in custom video series. (AMP-13317, FIX#41.10.0)
  • Admins can rearrange sermons in custom video series. (AMP-13248, FIX#41.10.1)
  • Feature hubs show up on iOS devices (AMP-13280, FIX#41.10.1)
  • Member Directory names with descriptions line up directly with their profile icon. (AMP-11592, FIX#41.10.1)
  • When viewing the summary by fund from Giving > Reconcile, the total of the funds is shown (AMP-13391, FIX#41.10.3)
  • Giving statement PDFs show the statement created date in the client’s timezone (AMP-13404, FIX#41.10.3)
  • Funds from forms are reflected in the portal’s transactions list (AMP-13300, FIX#41.10.3)
  • Progress indicator rounding large numbers for appeals is fixed (AMP-13264, FIX#41.10.4)
  • Link List address field will display URL of link after uploading photo (AMP-13320, FIX#41.11.0)
  • When an admin cancels a gift series that was previously set to start on a future date, the tooltip on the transactions page will not show a future start date. (AMP-13226,FIX#41.11.0)
  • Cancelled recurring gifts that haven’t processed the first payment will not show up in the transaction table (AMP-13236, FIX#41.11.1)
  • When a user clicks enter in the create form modal, the page will reload. (AMP-13405,FIX#41.11.3)
  • Dropdown menu in the App dashboard under sessions and downloads will reflect options for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly totals. (AMP-13275,FIX#41.11.3)
  • The times that are pulled in to the a3 calendar from an external calendar will match the correct timezone of the external calendar. (AMP-13389,FIX#41.11.4)
  • Once a Campaign is created, it will stay created after navigating out of and returning to the Campaign page (AMP-13301, FIX#41.11.0)
  • When a profile is chosen in the directory, then the profile page will load successfully (AMP-12842, FIX#41.11.0)
  • An error message will display when the incorrect image size is uploaded in portal (AMP-12401, FIX#41.12.1)
  • Admin will have the option to enable or disable member directory email notifications (AMP-12451, FIX#41.12.1)
  • The error message of “This field is required” will display when the Phone field is blank (AMP-13566, FIX#41.12.2)
  • The profile search filter field will not be populated with ‘NaN’ if submitted blank (AMP-13124, FIX#41.12.2)
  • Images sizes of 800×200 and 1136×200 will upload in header option (AMP-13671, FIX#41.12.4)
  • Portal will reflect external calendars when linked (AMP-13661, FIX#41.12.4)
  • Profiles missing both phone and email will not be allowed to save (AMP-13634, FIX#42.0.0)
  • Client will be able to select mosaic wide tiles and will be able to upload wide tile images (AMP-13673, FIX#42.0.1)
  • Admin user will be able to see account setting (AMP-13328, FIX#42.0.2)
  • Transactions reflected in reconciliation report will show dollar amounts (AMP-13290, FIX#42.0.2)

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