Release Notes: January 2022

New Features:

  • User Permissions:
    • New page listing all Admin users and their specific permissions
    • Ability to choose a user’s permissions in a new ‘Add User’ modal
    • Ability to restrict users from specific Forms, portal access or access to other users’ permissions
    • Updated access to change, delete or create a giving passcode
  • Users will have the option to choose Eastern European Standard Time (AMP-13881, FIX#42.4.0)


  • The thumbnail image in a list view of calendar events will match the ratio of the crop preview that the admin can affect by pinch/zoom/move. (AMP-13407, FIX#42.1.3)
  • On the Giving > Receipts page, users will be reminded that Receipt Subject Line and Body Field are required when saving or navigating away (AMP-11633, FIX#42.1.3)
  • On receipts sent on setup date of recurring donation, the words will read ‘This transaction is set to recur monthly 4 times.’ (AMP-10005, FIX#42.1.4)
  • Device Image Size Updates (AMP-11953)
    • Setup page updates:
      • Upload option for Iphone 12 splash screens
      • Correct upload options for homescreen
      • All the of the possible image sizes for Iphones and Ipads are shown
    • App preview will display the correct home screen in the setup page and in app
    • A feature hub with no features will not crash the app
  • When a form with a profile is edited, the Tags will match the appearance of the Tags on a profile page (AMP-13668, FIX#42.3.1)

Bug Fixes:

  • During a profile merge, duplicate relationships will also be removed from the related profile (AMP-13700, FIX#42.1.3)
  • When navigating through the portal, pages will load in a timely manner (AMP-13117, FIX#42.1.2)
  • When more than one date is applied to the Giving Transactions page filter, both dates will save and filter accordingly (AMP-11602, FIX#42.1.0)
  • The times that are pulled in to the a3 calendar from an external calendar will match the correct timezone of the external calendar. (AMP-13389, FIX#42.1.2)
  • Birthday column for profiles without birthday will be left blank in the csv file when it is imported (AMP-13637, FIX#42.1.4)
  • Transactions list will be filtered by organizations transaction history when organization name is clicked (AMP-13706, FIX#42.1.4)
  • After cancelling the edit of an organization, basic information fields will still be visible when page redirects to organization details page (AMP13563, FIX#42.1.4)
  • Recurring ACH payments starting in the future will now process correctly (AMP-13693, FIX#42.1.4)
  • When an admin adds a link in a link list feature, thumbnail icon for that link will upload (AMP-13741, FIX#42.2.4)
  • When clicking the transaction ID in a receipt, the Transaction page filtered on that transaction id will open in a new tab (AMP-13705, FIX#42.2.1)
  • Admins have the ability to remove an appeal from an edited transaction even after it has been selected (AMP-13449, FIX#42.2.2)
  • When editing an appeal, end dates are able to be deleted and cleared (AMP-13729, FIX#42.2.2)
  • A user is able to add a tag to a calendar (AMP-13754, FIX#42.2.2)
  • Previously interrupted Text-to-Act message flow will resume after TCPA opt-in process is completed (AMP-12635, FIX#42.2.3)
  • The header on the FACTS SIS Sync page will not have extra space (AMP-13740, FIX#42.2.5)
  • Client’s portal settings (layout, grid height, and header image) will revert to how the client originally set it (AMP-13772, FIX#42.1.5)
  • Admins will receive an error message explaining that the file is too large when an upload larger than 5MB is attempted (AMP-13666, FIX#42.2.0)
  • Users will not receive a red dot notification if there are no new notifications (AMP-13040, FIX#42.2.0)
  • The titles for calendar events in Android phones will show up (AMP-13390, FIX#42.2.0)
  • iOS users are able to see the chat that they recently sent (AMP-13667, FIX#42.2.0)
  • Client will not see a blank screen and will be able to fully utilize features in app (AMP-13801, FIX#42.2.3)
  • Form payments shown on the transaction page will reflect the correct fund (AMP-13746, FIX#42.3.0)
  • When editing content for a Facts Family application feature, the slim application error will not appear (AMP-13848, FIX#42.3.2)
  • Users will not be able to create funds with duplicate fund names (AMP-13809, FIX#42.3.2)
  • When verifying a profile on an Android device, no 404 error will display (AMP-13114, FIX#42.3.4)
  • Fund names will not be duplicated on the transactions page (AMP-12570, AMP-13809, FIX#42.4.0, FIX#42.4.1)
  • When a new mobile number interacts with Text-to-Act, the original Text-to-Act message will be delivered (AMP-12635, FIX#42.4.0)
  • There will be validation for required fields when saving custom video series (AMP-13286, FIX#42.4.0)
  • When creating an appeal, users are required to enter an alphanumeric title (AMP-13836, FIX#42.4.0)
  • When crosspost button is selected, the donation(s) are manually pushed to PCO and are visible in PCO (AMP-13924, FIX#42.4.0)
  • When editing content in FACTS responsive web feature, users will not see a blank screen (AMP-13925, FIX#42.4.1)
  • Dropdown menu label text is no longer cut off (AMP-13949, FIX#42.4.1)
  • Clients will be able to edit recurring gift details and credit card information on file (AMP-13927, FIX#42.4.2)\
  • The inbox icon in the menu will display an unread message warning if a user has an unread message in the chat (Android, AMP-13143, FIX#42.4.0)
  • Content targeted push notifications will give users the option to view the message or go to content (Android, AMP-13188, FIX#42.4.0)
  • Check in feature will allow users to put in information and manually check in (iOS, AMP-13774, FIX42.4.0)
  • Language commanding a resubmission of the app in order to implement Ipad home screen sizes is removed (AMP-13880, FIX#42.4.1)
  • Mailing list reports will load without error (AMP-13893, FIX#42.4.3)

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