Release Notes: February 2022

New Features:

  • Donor Covered Fees (FIX#42.8.6)
    • Donors have the ability to cover processing fees on a payment made via a form
    • Donor covered fees are reflected in donor receipt
  • Interactive Notes (FIX#42.8.6)
    • Updated button styles
    • New ‘All Notes’ table
      • Drag and drop ability
        • Organization of notes is reflected in app
    • Date is no longer a required element
  • Open Ended Form Donations
    • Admin can create a customized message up to 260 characters for the ‘Open’ Donation form element
    • Open donation amount can be combined with  other interactive elements and images supported by existing Form feature in platform except for Course Registration
    • Form will continue to allow admin to designate a single fund to which the payments in a form will be associated
  • iCal Feed
    • Ability to share Calendars created in the portal outside the system
    • Admin can add created calendars to any application that supports iCalendar


  • Admin are able to add a Link List feature to the Interactive Video feature in the portal (AMP-11214, FIX#42.6.0)
  • The Account Name in the portal will now be locked and can only be unlocked by a global admin for editing (AMP-13669, FIX#42.7.2)

Bug Fixes:

  • Users are be able to edit links in link list feature (AMP-13806, FIX#42.5.2)
  • The tax ID # that is displayed in pdf statements will mirror the tax ID under Giving>Statements (AMP-13939, FIX#42.5.2)
  • The graphics will not disappear when users navigate away from the app Setup page and return (AMP-13759, FIX#42.6.0)
  • Standard Admin will see support menu in portal when they log in (AMP-13963, FIX#42.6.0)
  • Button labels will remain “Off” when “Off” is chosen in the Button Label menu on the Home Setup section of the feature page (AMP-14030, FIX#42.6.0)
  • The overlay indication a disabled state will align exactly with the Report tile that is not available (AMP-14145, FIX#42.6.0)
  • The individual giving statement export filename starts with the donor’s last name (AMP-14147, FIX#42.6.0)
  • All of a client’s podcast episodes will come through the aware3 portal feed (AMP-13864, FIX#42.6.3)
  • All form fields will display in the form submission email notification (AMP-14301, FIX#42.7.0)
  • Updated billing payment methods will be saved for future payments (AMP-13792, FIX#42.7.1)
  • The Mailing List report option will appear when Households is enabled and Giving is disabled (AMP-14154, FIX#42.7.1)
  • After selecting Users in the portal, the navigation bar will correctly show the client name option highlighted and the client drop down menu will correctly show the Users option highlighted (AMP-13898, FIX#42.7.2)
  • The option to edit transactions will be removed from clients with CCB/PCO managed funds (AMP-14375, FIX#42.7.4)
  • Receipt will be sent to donor’s email when send receipt option is selected in the transactions table (AMP-14392, FIX 42.7.5)
  • Funds will be visible on giving statement with appropriate tax status(AMP-14257, FIX#42.8.0)
  • When form responses are downloaded, the checkbox selection will be reflected in the download(AMP-14460,FIX#42.8.3)
  • The people profile table will filter correctly (AMP-11552, FIX#42.8.6)
  • Donations will be processed exactly like regular form donations are processed (AMP-14575, FIX#42.8.6)
  • When a suspected card is causing a gift to stop, it will be addressed and the gift restarted (AMP-14169, FIX#42.9.0)

View the full Release Notes archive.

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