Release Notes: March 2022

New Features:

  • Donor Covered Fees (FIX#42.8.6)
    • Donors have the ability to cover processing fees on a payment made via a form
    • Donor covered fees are reflected in donor receipt
  • Interactive Notes (FIX#42.8.6)
    • Updated button styles
    • New ‘All Notes’ table
      • Drag and drop ability
        • Organization of notes is reflected in app
    • Date is no longer a required element
  • Open Ended Form Donations
    • Admin can create a customized message up to 260 characters for the ‘Open’ Donation form element
    • Open donation amount can be combined with  other interactive elements and images supported by existing Form feature in platform except for Course Registration
    • Form will continue to allow admin to designate a single fund to which the payments in a form will be associated
  • iCal Feed
    • Ability to share Calendars created in the portal outside the system
    • Admin can add created calendars to any application that supports iCalendar


  • Text receipts will now include the donor’s name (AMP-14622, FIX#42.10.0)

Bug Fixes:

  • The blog URL that an admin enters will save and successfully pull into the app (AMP-13818, FIX#42.9.1)
  • Client’s calendar will reflect in the correct timezone (AMP-14143, FIX#42.9.1)
  • Calendars in the calendar list will only appear one time (AMP-14538, FIX#42.9.2)
  • Page navigation buttons will function properly on the Organization list page (AMP-14544, FIX#42.9.3)
  • The “Send Receipt” button will send a completed receipt to donors (AMP-14545, FIX#42.9.4)
  • Forms will save properly without entering a description (AMP-14624, FIX#42.10.0)
  • When downloading responses from Forms, the file will include all checkbox options (AMP-14585, FIX#42.10.2)
  • The Ok to Text indicators will appear on the people detail and list pages (AMP-14556, FIX#42.10.2)
  • All client recurring charges will be accurately displayed according to the dates configured in the setup (AMP-13085, FIX#42.10.3)
  • Client will have the ability to see donor’s history through donor’s profile and not only the Transactions page (AMP-14587, FIX#42.11.0)
  • The user will have the ability to change the start date of a recurring gift that starts in the future (AMP-14723, FIX#42.11.0)
  • When there are previous transactions made, a user will be able to view the transactions page and see the transactions made (AMP-14915, FIX#42.11.2)
  • Users will be able to see same reports in PCO as in aware3 reconcile portal (AMP-13493, FIX#42.11.2)
  • When a user completes a form with checkboxes on it, all responses will save accurately (AMP-14506, FIX#42.11.5)
  • The spacing at the bottom of the Forms page will allow for editing of the final row in the table (AMP-14865, FIX#42.11.5)
  • Users are able to donate to a company who’s legal name is longer than 16 characters without error (AMP-14905, FIX#42.12.0)
  • Pledge related information will no longer flash on a web page during the giving flow (AMP-15014, FIX#42.12.2)
  • The profile avatar will not overlap with the profile name in search result windows (AMP-14993, FIX#42.12.2)
  • There will be no extra white space after the Actions menu on the Transactions table (AMP-15042, FIX#42.12.4)

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