Release Notes: April 2022

New Features:

  • Forms – End User Emailed Responses
    • Adding ability to automatically send an email containing a link to view form data to end users and configured admins any time a form is submitted that contains profile information
    • Form name will now be included in the email subject line


  • Admins will be able to require users to select any item on a form for purchase, rather than requiring a specific item (AMP-13777, FIX#43.1.0)
  • When adding an Image Upload to a form, the image URL will now be shown and saved with the form (AMP-15081, FIX#43.1.1)
  • Forms with a Defined $ Amount will no longer show a dropdown for the user to select a quantity, allowing the form to load much faster (AMP-15119, FIX#43.3.0)
  • The font size of the custom message on donor statements will be increased to make the message more prominent (AMP-14971, FIX#43.3.0)
  • The Funds page will default newly created Funds to Tax-Deductible status (AMP-15859, FIX#43.4.0)
  • A filtering option of “Once” is added to the Transactions Page frequency filter (AMP-14950, FIX#43.4.3)
  • The custom message text on a giving statement is able to allow for paragraph break formatting (AMP-14974, FIX#43.4.2)

Bug Fixes:

  • Podcast entries will pull into the app feature without an error (AMP-14851, FIX#43.1.0)
  • Event times will display the same across the website, calendar and admin views (AMP-14837, FIX#43.1.0)
  • Admins will not be able to delete Profile from forms with a payment option (AMP-14769, FIX#43.1.0)
  • The note icon on the Transactions page will again show to indicate when a note was entered (AMP-15193, FIX#43.1.2)
  • Donors will not be able to select appeals associated with deleted funds for giving (AMP-14995, FIX#43.1.4)
  • Checkbox selections will be accurately reflected in the downloaded form responses CSV file (AMP-14460, FIX#43.1.4)
  • All active funds will show in the Edit Transaction window (AMP-14858, FIX#43.1.5)
  • Menu options with an extension arrow in the app navigation menu will open successfully (AMP-13670, FIX#43.2.0)
  • Event information in a devices calendar will mirror event information shown in app (AMP-14759, FIX#43.2.0)
  • Users will be able to login without an error displaying (AMP-15184, FIX#43.2.0)
  • The reports page pagination menu will function correctly (AMP-15282, FIX#43.2.3)
  • The passcode modal will display when I navigate to giving > reconcile if a passcode is in place (AMP-15398, FIX#43.2.3)
  • Checkbox selections will be reflected in downloaded excel sheet/csv with responses (AMP-15509, FIX$43.2.4)
  • An unsuccessful image upload will produce the error of “File(s) not found. No file has been uploaded.” (AMP-15127, FIX#43.2.4)
  • After clicking “Add”, the add person modal disappears and new profile is added to the people table (AMP-15313, FIX#43.2.5)
  • The portal will be accessible when the correct passcode is entered (AMP-15630, FIX#43.3.1)
  • When the correct image size is uploaded to the appropriate section, the image file will save and stay after refreshing the page or navigating to another page (AMP-15488, FIX#43.3.1)
  • LYBUNT report will correctly reflect the donations that fall within the date filters applied (AMP-15273/15500, FIX#43.3.2/43.3.4)
  • After completing verification steps, a users phone number will remain verified successfully (AMP-15580, FIX#43.3.6)
  • Any user profile that doesn’t have “Has access to core portal” enabled can still login to the Giving or Family App impact platform (AMP-14592, FIX#43.4.0)
  • Funds are visible on the Transaction Page (AMP-15327, FIX#43.4.0)
  • Transactions filtered by date will show the correct transactions (AMP-15331, FIX$43.4.1)
  • When an admin re-sends a receipt for a transaction from the transactions page, the donor will successfully receive the receipt via email (AMP-15489, FIX#43.4.2)
  • Client name will populate correctly in the emailed donor receipt (AMP-14881, FIX#43.4.3)
  • Any $ Amount element data, exported in the CSV, is in the same column (AMP-15317, FIX#43.4.3)

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